RAWAR a simple, multiplayer strategygame (Android and browser)

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Hello all,


I've made a simple Risk-like game called RAWAR and I'm looking for a few players to try it.


RAWAR is played on a map of coloured squares. Users can build castles, shipyards, dragondens, walls and goldmines to get stronger than their enemies. Up to 8 bots are available for when no other players are online.


It is available for Android here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kogelmans.RAWAR

You can play it in your browser here: https://daankogelmans.itch.io/rawar (loading may take up to 25 secs, sorry about that)


What's special about RAWAR is that it's pure strategy: It's all about fighting the war. RAWAR does not rely on economy-mechanics, micromanaging farmers, or infinitely upgrading buildings to be fun. The only way to win is by outsmarting the enemy. (All of Sun Tzu's war-rules apply)
Furthermore: RAWAR has a unique path-following system. Instead of a pathfinding mechanism, RAWAR lets users drag paths that the units follow over the map. This way you have full control over hundreds of moving soldiers and you can fight multi-front battles.
I hope you like it! Please send me any feedback so I can keep improving this game.
Greetings from Amsterdam,
-- Daan





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Hi Daan,


I tried the game but couldn't figure out why my troops liked to follow arrows so much and how to make them stop doing this. If there was a link to the manual, I missed it. Tell people how to play.




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Hi valambrian,


thank you for your feedback!


There is a help-button in the game and there's also a link to an intro-video (in the menu). 


Clearly these are not visible enough.


I will make changes today so that new users are forced to the help-menu before they start playing.


Thanks again!


-- Daan

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Hi, no I didn't.... I didn't even know about it... 


I'll check it out right now, thanks for the advice!


-- Daan

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