[CROWD SOURCED] [Dev Log] Eventually Your Breathing Will Stop

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Software: GameMaker!


Diversifier: Crowd-Sourced, maybe also Shallow Copy if I can get ideas for how to make it work


Genre: Scrolling shooter (Think 1942, or Gradius; haven't decided if I'll do top or side!)


This is my first time making a game, aside from tinkering with RPG Maker more than a decade ago (oh god).


What I'm thinking so far:

  • Player character will be a swimmer or diver, or something else reliant on air. (underwater is easiest in my mind for reasons)
  • You will have a breath bar that will be depleting as time goes by.
  • Collect air bubbles to replenish air. Maybe not have too many, or have them appear from certain enemies (think Space Invaders UFOs)

Undecided so far on what enemies would be, but that's where the fun is!


I'm open to suggestions!

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The enemies could be the Profile Pictures of forum members! Maybe with each generated enemy randomly selecting from the available pictures.

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