[Dev Log] Breckon's Similar Sausage Face - Physics platformer with a twist?

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EDIT: Looks like I'm cursed never to participate in a Wizard Jam. Feel free to delete this entry :(


Breckon's Similar Sausage Face

You roll the sausage along the ground. In the far distance, lumbering beasts wage ancient battles, and a naked multicultural society roams the prehistoric plains. You roll the sausage on to a grill, and it acquires a satisfying char. Beyond the horizon, teams of highly-armed warriors fight lightning-quick pitched battles and acquire ever more advantanced technology. You drop the sausage into the ocean. Crap. Isn't something supposed to, like, happen?



You are a sausage.


The sausage has a face. Similar to Nick Breckon some (blind people) might say.


You roll your sausage along the ground (hey!).


The facial features kinda get in the way of a smooth roll. Maybe the facial features are randomized (blind people still agree it looks like Nick). Maybe the sausage has soft body physics and flaps around?


You roll your sausage leaving imprints similar to Breckon's face on the ground. This advances you in the game, some how.


People come in during the development of the game and it suddenly is a game about punching Tarzan with rocket powered acoustic guitars?


... Maybe?


Sadly I'll only be able to start working on this on the 13th, but I'm really looking forward to it so I'll leave this post now.


As you might have guessed from the description(ish) I'll probably be using these two diversifiers:


Uniquely Systemic - Procedurally generate something in your game that’s not commonly procedural. A character’s personality, the game’s secret language, a control scheme, the procedurally generated sky's the limit.

Crowd-sourced - Make a game using input from other people. Let the community decide on creative decisions, or take on lots of mini-contributions which will be used in the game (e.g. sound recordings or photos).


I'm also thinking of streaming the whole thing on twitch and have the twitch chat handle some of the creative decisions. Maybe that's a recipe for disaster? :D

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