Rob Zacny

Episode 350: Aging Gracefully

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I had a better time with Steel Panthers after going back to it, but good god is it ugly to look at with modern eyes. Picking out squads from their hexes was nearly impossible for certain terrain types. I still think it does a great job of providing a computerized Squad Leader, but I think Combat Mission has made it obsolete for those looking for tactical wargames. 

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Gah, Firefox crash ate my post...


I don't have the courage to write it all again, I'll do an "abbreviated version" :


Counter-example for "cutting edge games don't age gracefully" :

Homeworld 1

Also Homeworld 2, most beautiful game ever

Now Remastered on GoG :

With HUGE update 2.0 :


Also BattleZone 98 :


"Stack of Doom" through the Civilizations :


Too many units? Too much fiddling? Economy in Civ4, trying to make an "old-school wargame" not playing well with touchscreen-adapted interface in Sword of the Stars : Ground Pounders :

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