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Foolish Wizard

[Dev Log] Mountain climbing game

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Hello there! My name is Rafał (but you can call me Raphael or, well, Foolish Wizard!). I'm a Computer Science student from Poland, currently living and studying in Warsaw. My dream is to become a game designer, and as far as I know, the best (if not the only) way to achieve that is by making games.


I don't have a lot of free time on my hands right now because of school work, but this jam seems like a great opportunity to turn something out and I would like to participate very much. So I'll try.


I'm a (bad) Comp Sci student, so I know how to (terribly) code. I know the very basics of Game Maker and Unity, so one of those (preferably Unity because it uses C# and seems like the more professional, capable tool) will be my weapon of choice.


I have no art skills whatsoever, so expect terrible programmer art and assets stolen from the web.


With at out of the way, let's get this thing on the road!


Devlog 01: The idea


What's the idea behind this game?


I love wintery locations in games. LOVE THEM. Skyrim's world is probably one of my favourites in video games because it gives the player an entire spectrum of wintery levels, from late autumn to balls-freezing minus 30 degrees Celsius.


Here's the deal, though. What makes me really, really appreciate snowy levels in games is the promise of a safe, warm space. An inn in Khaz Modan, the walls and torches of Witherun, the great oak in Kuldahar.


I'll try to capture that. How? By making the cold and wind and snow the players main enemies, and fire and flame his or hers greatest ally.


Don't ask me HOW I'm planning to do that. I came up with this idea today.


So, in these first devlogs I'll probably try to figure out what it is I want to make and maybe document some of my progress in Unity. Things to think about for now:

- action game with a single character or management game with a party? A party would lend itself wonderfully to creating those moments of warmth and safety, with all the members resting and warming up in tents during the night.

- 2D or 3D? It'll either be a sidescroller (or... an upscroller, since the player is climbing up :P) or seen from an isometric perspective, I'm pretty sure of that. Making a platform game might be a good idea - at the very least I'll at least get to know how they work and what goes into making one that is fun.

- randomly generated or carefully designed? I'll start with the second option first and if it works out maybe try creating some random level generation.

- thing to keep in mind: start simple and build from that! Having not ever made a game I really shouldn't overdesign this with lots of systems, options and scenarios.


That would be it. Hopefully I'll find some time this evening to work some stuff out, maybe do something in Unity. A Computer Graphics test takes priority, though : (

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