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[Dev Log]: The Thumbs Idle Vacation (Pity The Fool)

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Hi I thought it best to pen something... even if I'm unlikely to make the final hurdle I can't help but throw a IAP purchased hat into the J Allard dreamscape of the Winter Jam. I had hoped to make a silly game based around the 1989 class Christmas vacation (with some silly minigames) but after rewatching it I had to abandon the idea in favour of something simpler; The original dvd image I thought of was a cheesy as the idea (DVD_CASE_IDEA01.jpg) and worth including... adieu idle Christmas vacation


After some thought about scaling back on the scope of idea for the jam given my time and limited ability I obviously decided to recreate a dota map using theme characters from idle thumbs vs characters they had invented on air such as Senior Douche, amongst others such as baby breckon seemed a perfect fit. Add in some enemy ideas like total war characters attacking from the other side the idea seemed great given my over reaching on the first idea* 


To say this is a zany over ambitious jam idea is probably understating it to the multiple levels of molyneux (apt given my last entry to the jam) I will attempt to at least document this slide to total failure from over promising to IAP purchases on mobile, even a dash of interview meltdown nearing the 16th, but rest assured until then there may be a faint hope of an idle vacation strategy game involving saving the universe, and at least one form of a breckon. I am unsure if it will be the godfather game of 2016 a month early, or give you a Nobel peace prize but only you the gamers can decide that


Good luck to all the sane and sensible ideas out there and looking forward to having a play :D \o/ glhf happy jamming

* = Some satire has been used to give you this opening update ;D






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