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  1. [RELEASE] Happy Happy Krampusnacht

    That looks awesome! love the sprite animations
  2. Hi I thought it best to pen something... even if I'm unlikely to make the final hurdle I can't help but throw a IAP purchased hat into the J Allard dreamscape of the Winter Jam. I had hoped to make a silly game based around the 1989 class Christmas vacation (with some silly minigames) but after rewatching it I had to abandon the idea in favour of something simpler; The original dvd image I thought of was a cheesy as the idea (DVD_CASE_IDEA01.jpg) and worth including... adieu idle Christmas vacation After some thought about scaling back on the scope of idea for the jam given my time and limited ability I obviously decided to recreate a dota map using theme characters from idle thumbs vs characters they had invented on air such as Senior Douche, amongst others such as baby breckon seemed a perfect fit. Add in some enemy ideas like total war characters attacking from the other side the idea seemed great given my over reaching on the first idea* To say this is a zany over ambitious jam idea is probably understating it to the multiple levels of molyneux (apt given my last entry to the jam) I will attempt to at least document this slide to total failure from over promising to IAP purchases on mobile, even a dash of interview meltdown nearing the 16th, but rest assured until then there may be a faint hope of an idle vacation strategy game involving saving the universe, and at least one form of a breckon. I am unsure if it will be the godfather game of 2016 a month early, or give you a Nobel peace prize but only you the gamers can decide that Good luck to all the sane and sensible ideas out there and looking forward to having a play \o/ glhf happy jamming * = Some satire has been used to give you this opening update ;D
  3. So surreal hearing of Noby, Noby Boy! I was relistening to the first few episodes on the site and so much looping of franchises in the episodes I thought we'd all fallen into a gaming Mobius ( look up the TNG Mobius ref if you have time) Given the fallout [3 vs 4], tomb raider [legend then vs xboneXclusive now] & a host of other things even the prophecy of the 2016 "godfather" game (possibly firewatch but TBC) its a weird and wacky time... games! \o/
  4. [DEV LOG] Missing Molyneux

    Hi after watching with glee at the entries so far I decided I'd find an obscure one to keep the competition limited ;D In truth I had a quick random run through titles and this one stuck so had a play around; "In 2020 God noted she'd not seen a Molyneux Meme in quite some time. After finding herself bored with the Bloodborne 5 DLC jokes she decides to look up Molyneux on her candle ebook, and find out where he is." A populas / Godus satirical game with houses to tap on to look for Molyneux, who will run around town dodging interviews and interaction from higher beings. If you catch him there should be a surprise, and consider having him chased but that's going well over my time limit. As a starting point I created a house, and molyneux using blender, and unity for some basic running around. Need to work on padding it out and the tapping mechanic but camera controls, molyneux's endless running from house to house and mouse tapping noise are all in and working. I do intend to post pictures but sadly had the post break on trying to link to twitter. I'll try to get the guildedford town up and running tomorrow but might stop to make breakfast. A MASSIVE shoutout and applause to the wonderful people who thought up the Jam and got this going! and of course the team for talking long enough for us to have this lovely little Jam. \o/
  5. Idle Thumbs 183: The Anonymouses

    As a side note I have been watching lots of evolve on twitch and felt the demo was geared mostly for the streamers; hitting a constant 50k viewers over the weekend (beating WOW and CS:GO often) and felt the public access to this “slice” of evolve was more to have a high population period for streamers to team up with. The slow XP burn on the upgrades worked well for that medium, allowing several rounds before the next thing to show off to the audience. Even with the PR stunt nature of the weekend (pushing pre-orders) it seems evident they aren’t going for long periods of game time given the end “stage” of the round that switches the game to the monster having to destroy a structure on the map to “WIN” after evolving fully (level 3?). Don’t expect three hour hunts and do expect tight quick play to be the primary mode. As a final note I’d highlight the lack of any concern of L4D being competitive and thus assume that isn’t their direction here. I did note several versions of the classes with notable visual and feature changes (unique skills) that unlock with XP such as a robot hunter whose head is detachable. The biggest complaint seemed to be the wait between hunts lasting up to ten minutes between actual matches, with over four stages of queuing/confirmation built into the game’s matchmaking.
  6. Idle Thumbs 183: The Anonymouses

    Having played six hours of Rebirth I thought I would quickly write in with my own take on it (something I’m a little surprised by); Having dropped fifty or so hours in the original I was a fan but was apprehensive of the game being “reskin” given the fears you highlighted and did not pre-order. In my runs there have been several new friendly creatures, new room types (expanding beyond the screen) and several new boss monsters mixed in with the original re-mastered characters. The visual style is a personal taste but personally prefer it. I have already beaten mom twice and agree it can feel easier but have noted a high level of polarisation in their difficulty to complete. Moreover the bosses are unlocked as you unlock items, such as the horsemen for beating Mom the first time. Some additional layers of time sink have been noted in my play-through for example “levelling up the store” through donations in the shop. I would parallel this to the Firaxis model of remake rather than reimagine; Personally this is feels like a retro refit to give it the energy to expand on to the free PS+ versions of Rebirth on Vita and PS4 but equally is now my go to even after fifty hours in wraith of the lamb and don’t feel any buyer’s remorse. I would suggest Jake playing it to counter your history with the game and think it will feel very busy for a new player (which makes sense with the primary audience being the vita market)