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RPG Maker MV

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I'm kinda excited about RPG Maker MV's release this week. Due to some of the stuff ihavefivehat, everythingstaken, and FirecatFG have made with RPG Maker 2003, I started trying it out and really enjoy the process. It's like making a game with a sticker-book. Scrolling through provided assets like sound-effects, music, tiles, and sprites, allows me to just kinda play with dolls (rather than create from nothing). The previous releases of RPG Maker have been exclusive to Windows (though I have heard that the games can be played with WINE in linux) which is a total bummer. This new release supposedly will have Mac support and allow you to export games as HTML5 browser-games which means that platform accessibility will no longer be much of a problem for the engine. So I'm really excited.


You can play a demo of a browser-exported game here.


I found a



Here is a long preview:

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