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Eddie Valiant Hearts

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This game was amazing. I loved it. French developers seem to love levels set to the sound of music. I love levels set to the sound of music. I was getting echoes of Rayman Legends. I was also taken back to the dance sequences in the bathhouse in Another World.


This game played like how The Cave should have played. Easy puzzles that keep the narrative flowing (actually more involved than The Cave in many aspects) but interesting enough to keep you from getting bored. The graphics were gorgeous and I just tear up hearing the main theme at this point. I wanted all of the characters to be okay. Listening to everyone mutter little things to the dog in their language was also a nice touch. Gut hund!


And this is how collectothons should be. They give objects appropriate to the area you are in and there's something else to learn. I wish they would have spoke a bit more about dogs wearing gas masks though. Bizarre but true.


Also, I cannot believe

the dog did not die.


The only thing I think is the French people should have spoken with French accents, not British ones. I guess that's a trick they learned from Hollywood.

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