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Patrick R

[Dev Log] What Happened To Us - a Twine game

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That was lovely. I'm surprised I enjoyed this as much as I did - my instinct with this sorta game, this sorta story, is to drive as hard and fast as I can for a horrific, rude clusterfuck ending. I blame Monkey Island - I tend to see games which are overtly serious as a venue to be a sociopathic jackass, in exactly the way I hope I'm not in real life.


This was written in a concise, direct style - and the musical snippets were a disarmingly effective glimpse into the history of the central relationship. I'm not going to romanticise any particular age or time in my life, but I can totally buy into the experience of trying to share something important with an important person in your life, and jarringly, achingly failing to connect. It's good material. =)


Loved the text transitions - clearly you spent a lot of time setting Twine up for this. I know very little about music - honestly, I'm a caveman on the topic, I know what I like - but I'd be interested if your final mechanics could illustrate some elements of songwriting.


So far the product seems well-made - and I'd like to see more...!



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