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  1. So this got lost completely in the E3 mire, probably because it was a narratively focused CG trailer which had to compete against gameplay or in-game trailers from Batman, The Order, Ass Creed, Uncharted, The Sims 4 etc I loved last years reboot which left me salivating at the prospect of a sequel. What additions or changes would be made to the gameplay and mechanics? Where will it be set? which direction would they go in with story and tone? I expected the sequel to get a little more whimsical in tone, start introducing stuff like dinosaurs and mummies (we all know this game is going to have zombies. AN ANCIENT EVIL AWAKENS!) Going by this trailer in seems as though they are holding firm to their gritty re-imagining which i'm cool with in that its super unpredictable! I really couldn't tell you what this game is going to offer up, in terms of like... EVERYTHING! Now, we all joke about how Nathan Drake is the worlds largest mass murderer, and Lara was batting for that record in her 'origins' outing. BUT i feel like Crystal Dynamic did a great job of creating a plausible scenario where all that murdering didn't seem wholly unnecessary. So the 'set up' if you didn't know is that there's this mysteries island surrounded by constant storms, ships would get caught in these storm and end up shipwrecked on the island (which explains why all the enemies are men, they're all ex-sailors ) Once shipwrecked you can never leave this island because of the constant storms. So a strange new civilisation is born, a cult, they start worshipping a storm god blah blah blah. but what was clever about this tribal civilisation was that anyone who could think for themselves, who would question what was going on, question loyalty to the leaders and the storm god would get weeded out and murdered, leaving only the easily brainwashed, the blindly devoted, the morons. So yeah, you are surrounded by brainwashed crazies, all that have already had a taste for murder and it really is kill or be killed It's a bit of a long shot but what if these traumatic events have left Lara a damaged delusional cold psychopathy, what if this time round they make Lara into an anti-hero. Although out of context, there's no real justifying the murders committed in the trailer above. Crystal Dynamic are going to have a real hard time justifying all the killing this game will no doubt have especially if the enemies are just a rival criminal gang of tomb raiders. Maybe the game will start with you walking through a pillaged Eskimo village that the baddie left in their wake on their search for a tomb, some shit like that. Anyway discuss. Tell me your deepest, darkest tomb raiding desires