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Found 1 result

  1. GRAVITY WOLF will be the third release from Fun Ghost's Haunted Fun Factory. It's a first person shooter about orbits, lasers, and recycling. While floating in space, you can orbit planets, fall to their center of gravity, or lock a movement vector to move in; you use these mechanics together to conserve fuel, which will allow you to explore further star systems and gather resources. There's a fair amount done and it's feeling good, but of course there's still a ton of work to do. This'll be my first real PC/Mac release after doing mobile for a bit; it's still very early, but I'm shooting to be on Greenlight in the spring. I'll probably start showing it at some local events around then as well. Anyway, we're all really here for the gifs, right? First iteration of a message / log system. This is in my test level, and shows off the movement system a bit. The player and the satellites are both affected by the same gravity system that keeps them orbiting.