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Favorite Games

Found 1 result

  1. Criticker is probably one of my favorite websites in the entire world. You rate a bunch of movies and then it calculates what rating you'd give to movies you haven't seen by finding people whose tastes are similar to yours and using their rankings to estimate your ranking. I've rated 1048 movies and by this point it's eerily accurate, and it has been for a while. You can customize the numbers that you use, but I use a 1-100 ranking system, and it's rarely more than about 5 points off from what I actually rank a film once I've seen it. It's super helpful in terms of finding new stuff to watch, deciding what to add to my Netflix queue, etc. That's really just the beginning, though. There's a bunch of other cool stuff it can do. So for instance I can search through the database, find all the movies from the 1950s that I haven't seen, rank them according to how much I'll probably enjoy them, filter them by genre, etc. I can see a list of every director who I've seen more than 3 movies by, or more than 4 movies by, or more than 5 movies by, or whatever, and see them all ranked according to how much I enjoyed their movies. I can search through my own rankings and find my favorite movies released in 1993 or my favorite romance movies or my favorite actin movies from the 80s or anything like that. It has lots of user created lists, too, so for instance here are all the lists I've made: Notice how I can see that I've seen 31 of the 91 films in the "They Shoot Pictures Neo-Noir" list, 4 of Rian Johnson's top 10 Criterion Collection films, ZERO of Steve Buscemi's top 10 Criterion Collection films, etc. All these lists are viewable by everyone, so in addition to all these lists there are plenty of lists by other users that I keep my eye on, like a list of every film by a female director or Martin Scorcese's 85 films you need to see to know anything about movies. You can show your profile to other people, so that they can for instance see all your rankings. Anyways, it's pretty cool. Ranking stuff is fairly easy, once you get a ranking system you like: the default is 1-100 I think, but you can change it to basically anything, like 1-5, by going to your profile, scrolling to near the bottom, and clicking "Manually control the colors & quips applied to your rankings with this tool."