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Found 2 results

  1. Good News Everyone

    There have been a lot of really terrible, depressing things happening in the world lately. While I don't want to try and draw attention away from those very important topics, I think we also need reminders of the good, positive things in this world. So this thread is going to be about positive stories that can hopefully help restore our faith in humanity. Then afterwards we can go back to talking about how terrible everything is.
  2. Polygon (internet website)

    Polygon is a website about Video games, sponsored by New Clear Men Scalp Therapy, which is a breakthrough experience that stops dandruff at the source. Incase you don't know: a few months ago, a bunch of people who cover Video games rounded themselves up and said "We're gonna cover Video games on this new website." and I don't know exactly who they are, but I RECOGNIZE them from people who used to be at 1UP, Kotaku, IGN and other Video game websites you've heard about. The reason I'm making this thread now, is because I just started posting here. Also this happened: I don't know how far to dive into how much this whole thing turns me off from top to bottom... Here's where I go to hear about Video games: I watch the videos on GiantBomb, I listen to their podcast, and I listen to Idle Thumbs. I like people being natural and conversational, I hate reading articles, and more than anything I love levity. Levity means being serious about something, but also being aware enough to admit what's dumb, and joke around with it. Polygon feels like it's ticking the box for everything I DON'T like about Video games and the internet. Goofy 90s-sounding name, focusing on written text in 2012, using the word "gamer" as if it's a normal word that people use- I THINK they want to write serious, inside-baseball things about the industry, but I just checked out their Youtube channel and it's all corny reddit sprite animations and remixes and stuff, so now I'm not sure... but look, I could fumble around all day, I really just wanna hear a second opinion about this and see what people on this site think. People like us are the target demo, right? I think? What do you think about the stuff they've released so far? Do you read articles, or do you wait for it to come up on a podcast or video like me? Where do you go to hear about Video games? Is "Games Journalism" enough of a thing to not have quotes around it, to you?