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  1. I've been working on this story for a while now. I am not anywhere near done with Hobo Lobo. Ok, that is not true, the light at the end of the tunel is so visible. I just have to free myself from daydreaming about the other project, work, real life, fun, self-loathing, twitter, etc to actually wrap it up. The new story is shaping up to be in a format of a puzzle-less adventure game, where you the reader are the compass of the protagonist, but there are no real puzzles to solve or conversation options to navigate. You're just exploring this world and there happens to be a character that you're sortof following through his story. And he talks to people and you get to decide which lines of dialogue to pursue or in what order. Gates are formed by story beats that you need to read before narrative will continue out of an area, or explicit moments of navigating away from an area, like leaving down the road starts the much-talked-about journey with no turning back, etc. I came up with this story while thinking of something to debut this new web-based comic cms that I have been thinking of and building on and off (mostly off) for at least three four years (ugh, whois says domain was registered 08-nov-2011). The cms, Storyboardo, what little of it I have built is kinda badass! The proof of concept is sexy and there is nothing like it out there still. I imagine it as a decent basic solution for anyone to host their comics in a classy setup but it will have some other tricks up its sleeve. Namely layers—with backgrounds, sprites, styled text objects and any kind of arbitrary content definable into a new layer type—with its own properties tied to rules for display, methods of interaction, behavior—in the admin side and the frontend. On the frontend, as a reader, when you click the next button, sometimes it will move you to the next page, sometimes it will change the sprites around, sometimes it will just advance the speech bubbles. Storyboardo effectively adds pacing and special effects and pans and zooms and freer visual editing abilities into the repertoire of your webcomic artist-writer. SO! Do I build it? I have a proof of concept and a small mountain of PHP backend groundwork, a working purpose-agnostic data server that is the backbone of everything else I'll graft onto it, smatterings of AJAX and a fun extensible oo structure. The interface is fun and unobtrusive. I'll have fun with the v0 default design for it. But it is going to be such a huge time sink to get it off the ground. My update schedule history is fucked as it is. Herzog the Vile is technically still only taking a break. But but Storyboardo's a neat idea! I can totally make it and make the world a better place. Lots of good karma and hopefully some secondary good vibes from other people's adventure game-comics! :tup: But but but, I really want to tell my story and not get bogged down in the production and maintenance of an open source project. Hobo Lobo for all its promise of novelty is clunky as hell. Due to the games I have played with z-indices, I can't plug in accelerated CSS transforms of today's whizbang web upon its main parallax movements without breaking everything. I dread making some kind of unforeseen deal with the HTML of today in making Storyboardo that will bite me in the ass in the medium-long run. Even now, four years later, I can't make a good mobile version of Hobo Lobo. Only way I see to get it on tablets and phones and looking good is a rebuilt nativeish (i.e. not html) code special edition. / But Storyboardo is not about cutting edge effect-heavy motion stuff with a million PNGs requiring infinity production to make happen. It is a bit more resilient a structure. And having something technical to bite into will keep me sane in those times when I need a break from writing, drawing, etc. But I get to deal with technical things if I decide to go the non-Storyboardo route, so I get my fix of wearing many hats anyway. And I yearn for the possibilities of effects and polish that come from not building for the clunky broken bullshit that is the web and its production pipeline. :tup: The audiences of today would not be baffled by my comic-like non-game if I release it as one as they might have been a few short years ago. And maybe I can sell it more easily as an executable than a website? I was thinking about giving a prologue for free and selling access to following episodes of the story through some kind of tbd store mechanism that would plug into Storyboardo... but on the other hand in-app purchases are a known quantity and I probably don't have to dick around with boilerplate code nearly as much. Having it on computers around the world makes it more real somehow than if it were sitting on a single server and merely visited. It is really an opportunity cost thing I guess. I waste so much time locked in weird abstractions as it is, of thought, of engineering. Who cares for yet another sexy cms with ideas and whatnot? I just want to get my stories in front of people. But Storyboardo could be its own word-of-mouth marketing engine that delivers said stories in front of people... etc etc etc What do you guys think?