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Found 3 results

  1. The Thumbs Project [Devlog?]

    Hello everyone! After having to drop out of last Wizard Jam due to unforeseen circumstances, I've been running without a goal for the last month or so. That's why I'm excited to detail a new project, which I'm tentatively calling "The Thumbs Project." Essentially, I'm going to be writing one short interactive story a week, each one based off of a title from Idle Thumbs. There are a couple of reasons I'm doing this: I need practice writing on a deadline, and what better deadline to practice than weekly installments? I need more practice with alternative forms of interactive fiction besides the traditional choose-your-own adventure format, and while there's definitely going to be plenty of those, I'm looking to try and broaden my horizons. Like I hinted at earlier, I felt bad about not being able to complete anything for Wizard Jam, even though I really like the idea of basing games off of Thumbs titles (There's so many good ones!) Right now, the most I can commit to is the first fifty episodes. Even then, that's a whole year of making fun-sized IF, assuming I manage to get it together to put one out every week. If I can do it, and I'm enjoying doing it, we might see about doing more, but right now that's too far in the future to get excited about. What do you guys think? Any questions or advice? Criticism is always appreciated. If you're interested, the first game Let the Games Begin will be going up on my page tomorrow afternoon (EST) here
  2. Good evening all, I have a problem I hope you can help me with. I've written a few things in Twine and it is a great tool, but I'm bumping up against it's limitations and it's rapidly becoming frustrating. I'd like to do something more visually interesting than twine can handle. I've played with the CSS a bit, but I'd like to work with something more robust. I was a computer science minor in college (a million years ago), and I've done a bit of coding over the years, but nothing too extensive. A handful of websites, a little PHP, Javascript, the occasional VB macro for Excel, like that. So I'm comfortable with the concept of coding, but I'm essentially starting from scratch. No knowledge of C#, never worked in any game engines. I know the inkle ink scripting language went open source for Unity and I've tried to mess around with it but, Unity is a bit much for me to get my head around given my current level of skill. I've also experimented with Gamesalad which is fairly idiot proof, but it seems like writing IF with it is a square peg, round hole situation. Does anyone have any recommendations for game engines that can be adapted to interaction fiction (for a relative novice)?
  3. Any IF/TA engine recommendations? I'm pretty sure someone happened to list 3 or 4 a while back but I can't find that post for the life of me. My intent to expand on the mini Choose Your Own Adventure I wrote for the 2nd (I think, the one that never happened) Thumbs Journal stumbled a bit when I started getting distracted by doing it as a website and getting collaborators in. So I'm hoping to pick the easiest way of writing it and just doing it for fun whether it works out or not. I haven't decided whether to go for a more IF feel or a proper text adventure yet. I'm leaning towards the former as all I really want to do is write silly bullshit. If I want to start mucking about with inventories and stuff I may as well make an AGS game... EDIT: another, Twine-specific, thread here