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Favorite Games

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  1. RetroThumbs

    In the past few years I've taken a much greater interest in 'retro' games, primarily trying to reassemble my childhood collection. I tended to keep most things anyway, though a few games fell through the cracks. For example, Star Wars fever has reminded me of the fun times I had with Episode 1 Racer and Rogue Squadrons 1 & 2. I gave them away (I think I was tired of being fobbed off with pods and X-wings when all I wanted was a lightsaber) but I have some great memories of them all so I hit ebay. These ones certainly aren't in the pristine condition my other N64 games are in, but it's nice to have them back. Likewise Mario Sunshine, Wave Race: Blue Storm and F-Zero GX. I'm also poking around trying to assemble a few choice NES games. I never had one until a few years ago but I spent hours playing my brother's. So far I've got SMB3, Probotector (Contra), Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers, Battletoads Vs Double Dragon and Dragon's Lair (yes, a regretful impulse purchase, that one). Ghostbusters nostalgia triggered a purchase of HAL's New Ghostbusters II, which I've never played but it's supposed to be one of the three 'good' Ghostbusters games. Looks a lot like Pokemon. I'm on the lookout for a zapper with Duck Hunt, and all the usual suspects but NES games in decent condition are at least the price of a brand new AAA release. Slow progress. I know emulators and VC and remasters, etc. make all this seem like a needlessly expensive pursuit but there's a lot of pleasure to get from having a little library of the 'real' things. The older I get, the more the idea of a study appeals. I tracked down a SNES pad and an adaptor so I could play Super Metroid on VC with the proper pad. I also picked up Konami Arcade Classics for DS for next to nothing last week. It was made by M2, the same guys responsible for the awesome Sega 3D Classics on 3DS, and is a beautiful little compilation. I'm playing arcade Gradius, Contra and Track & Field for the first time. Although DS (and Wii) games are hardly retro, it's probably best to nab them now while they're cheap and plentiful. Wireless, single-cart multiplayer Bomberman for a fiver? Yes, please. Anyway, this can be a catch-all thread for retro purchases or ponderances. Pics might be good. Anybody got a nice collection or been to a retro festival (I've got one coming up this weekend near to me)? Jonesing to pick up a decent Atari 2600 (woody) or a CIB Game Gear? I'm off to fire up Rogue Leader and relive the 2 months when I had a Gamecube and the game, but not a memory card.