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  1. Jurassic Franchise

    Please find below the correct opinions on all five Jurassic Park movies: Jurassic Park - stone-cold classic Jurassic Park 2 - a few cool moments but mainly misjudged and messy. Jurassic Park 3 - if you accept that it's a much cheesier affair, this is actually very fun. Some great sequences and likeable characters. Jurassic World - frustratingly dull and clumsy, from the direction through the script and score even down to the shitty new Amblin ident. Jurassic World 2 - [just saw this today so this is a bit lengthier] Not half as amateurish as the first JW, and it even has one legit great extended sequence ( ), but once that is over, it moves to a big mansion for the rest of the movie and goes through all the same tired old beats over and over - . The very ending was pretty sweet, though, even if it was pure sequel set-up. And now, because I can never hear the main theme without these stupid lyrics now, I will ruin it for all of you also: