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  1. Top Films Lists

    Top 100 (50, 250, etc.) lists can be weird. They're maybe not that important in the grand scheme, but I have found them to be a good tool for finding interesting movies, especially "must see" classics. Maybe this thread could be used to link to various lists we think are good, but I wanted to make this post for a particular one that really weirds me out: This is like a list from some alternate universe where I remained a teenager forever, as time still went on. I mean, if that were the case, then I could have compiled this as my top 100 favourites or something. It's totally filled with the kind of movies I loved in the late 90s and early 00s. My actual current favourite of such lists is the living Letterboxd films by rating, although it contains some anomalies like docs about series rated as if they were the series. Sometimes a new film pops up there (and then starts dropping gradually), and then it's usually good. It happened with Moonlight, La La Land, Mad Max: Fury Road, maybe a few others. And also I like the Sight & Sound Directors' & Critics' polls for best movies of all time. I used to like Rotten Tomatoes as well, but now their top 100 is just some above average movies from recent years interlaced with actual classics.