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  1. So Sunday night, Ewokskick & I played Contradiction together! They have recently changed the interface options, and judging from other's responses, greatly improved the experience. This game was delightful and bananas! We got stuck once at 93% and had to look up a hint, and we can talk about where we stumbled. James was a gift from the heavens, and I want a game just about his weird self. This was also the moment that I accidentally pressed the bottom left corner keys of my keyboard, and for some reason that restarted the game, losing our progress, sending us back to my last save which was at 19%! So that was awful. We ended up watching the last of the game on youtube in a lets play as it was already past midnight and we didn't want to redo what we had already done. Has anyone else played this? I highly recommend playing it with someone, like many people did with Her Story.