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Found 2 results

  1. I know that most of the news you hear these days is about that other free to play CCG, but just because it's the most popular, doesn't make it the best one out there. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to a little game called SolForge. What is SolForge? You create a deck of 30 cards from your own collection, with no more than 3 copies of the same card, and play against either the AI or other people online. Both players start at 100 health, with the objective being to reduce your opponent to 0 or lower. Players take alternating turns, receiving a hand of 5 cards from their deck and choosing 2 to play. Playing cards either summons creatures into one of the five lanes between the two players, or causes other direct damage or effects on players or creatures. Each card that is played is leveled and discarded, and the cards you didn't play that turn are discarded at their current level. Every four turns you gain a rank of power, your discard is shuffled back into your deck, and play proceeds. All cards can reach level 3, and some rare ones can reach level 4. When cards level up, they summon stronger creatures, or have different effects depending on the card. There's a good primer on how exactly play proceeds on the site ( But as you can imagine, the way that cards level can have a drastic impact on how you build your deck, and which cards you choose to play on a turn. To give some examples of how the leveling mechanic can impact play: Some creatures are weaker at level 1, but scale well, becoming more and more powerful. Some creatures are strong at level 1, but scale poorly Some cards forfeit playing a creature, or play a weak creature to level up more than 2 cards per turn Some cards are powerful at the level they are played, but are removed when you gain a rank Free to play? SolForge is available through both an iOS app and through Steam on the PC. It utilizes two currencies, an earned currency (Silver), and a purchased currency (Gold). Purchased currency is only required for cosmetic features such as alternate card art, or packs of cards with a higher rarity card in them. Cards are broken down into four rarities, but while Legendary cards are powerful, they also tend to be situational, and the common and rare cards that make up the majority of the card set are amply able to deal with them. Creating an account nets you two starter decks and the cards used to make them. There are daily rewards for each account as follows: Logging in each day - 2000ish Silver and a card, booster pack, or event ticket First win of the day - 2000ish Silver and a card, booster pack, or event ticket First win against a player of the day - an event ticket Third win of the day - 2000ish Silver and a card, booster pack, or event ticket Any card in the game can be purchased for Silver (ranging from 150 to 150k depending on rarity), and copies of cards in excess of 3 can be sold for Silver. Regarding event tickets, SolForge offers to kinds of competitive tournament. Entering a Constructed Tournament costs 4 event tickets, and nets you 4 games using one of your own built decks. Number of wins determines your rewards, which are never less than a booster pack (for 0 wins), and generally include some # of event tickets and packs as you win more during your 4 game run. Winning 3 out of 4 games always nets you enough tickets to immediately enter again. SolForge also offers a draft tournament for 7 tickets. Every draft starts with a pack of six cards of the 2nd highest rarity, and it continues to open packs and you choose cards til you reach a deck of 30. You then play 4 games as in Constructed. As a nice bonus, you get to keep the cards that you draft, so running a draft tournament once a week is a great way to build your collection. Who made it? Stone Blade Entertainment, the people behind the deck building game Ascension and also Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: The Gathering. Impressions Having now put almost 70 hours into SolForge, it's fair to say that I'm a fan. The game's got a good tutorial, and really doesn't require you to invest any money in the game to have fun. The starter decks you're granted are competitive, and the matchmaking algorithm they use seems to work well. The games I play feel routinely challenging, and I rarely feel like my opponent has "bought" their victory by stacking better cards than I have. The varied nature of the cards is part of what I enjoy the most about the game. There's lots of opportunities to create interesting combinations, and it's very satisfying to see your deck playing out the way you intended. Complexity really ranges all over the place, so you can still make simple, powerful decks if you find some of the more complicated cards overwhelming. If anyone else out there plays, or is interested in playing, feel free to find me on Steam as Entriech. Cheers!
  2. Hey all, I've a game dev looking for strategy\tactics gamer communities and found these forums. I'm a long time listener of 3MA, so it's about time that I pop in and say hey. I'm going to launch a Kickstarter for my turn-based, collectible tactics game this spring and was looking for ideas on where to start posting. I'll certainly hit you guys up when we're ready. What other sites \ forums do you guys enjoy? What news outlets do you use most ? Our own website isn't quite done, but it certainly gives you a feel for what the game will be like: CoreTechs Tactics Cheers everybody, SeeJay