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  1. Disclaimer: I'm a bit tired as of the time I'm writing this, so some of the things I said in this may make little to no sense Hello, everyone: I need help figuring out what to do with a recent prototype I created in Unity. Basically, it revolves around a gun which allows players to 'blink' from one place to another, much like in Dishonored (pronounced "dis-hoe-nored"). Much like Dishonored, it takes place in the first-person perspective. However, players have the ability to launch projectiles in space and travel to their latest location. Players can use this to travel great distances with ease. By holding down and releasing the projectile-launching button (currently the left mouse button) after a set amount of time, the projectile will travel faster and farther than normally, allowing for faster travel between across environments. It currently seems interesting enough to me to tinker around with a bit more, but I'm not sure what else to do with the project or which direction to take it in the future. The main thing I don't want this to be is another Portal knock-off puzzle game: no sterile laboratories, no snarky invisible voice talking the player down while doing puzzles, little to no traditional puzzles. This could apply to games like Quantum Conundrum, Magrunner, and (arguably) Stealth Bastard Deluxe. The environments and gameplay situations in these games just don't strike me as very creative in my opinion. Anyway, I ultimately just want feedback on what I have available to show right now. This, in turn, will aid me later in seeing where I can or need to take this game in order to become a game. Speaking of which, I may just make this a free game by the end of all of this. You can play it online following this link. The main objective as of right now is to get to a floating platform with sparkles flowing out of it. The controls are as follows: WASD - move character Space - jump Left mouse button (press) - launch projectile Left mouse button (hold) - charge projectile Right mouse button - travel to projectile Again, let me know what you think of the prototype as of now. Also, inform me whether it works properly or not.