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  1. Just wondering if anybody here has picked up MH3U. I have, and I've sunk about 100 hours in it already. I'm currently working my way through G Rank quests. I thought it might be a good idea to come up with a standard room for the fellow thumbs to use to team up. Hunting with friends is always more fun. I propose the following room, but it can be anything else really. Network Mode - (World) 03 Free C - Lobby 3 - (Room) Thumbs - (Password) idle My WiiU name is AteBitGeneral. Add me if you want to hunt. Disclaimer: I've sunk about 700 hours in the MH series so far, still I'm no expert player (G Rank quests are still hard for me solo). Even though I'm working through G Rank quests, I'd be up for doing Low/High rank quests also if that's what you need. If you are a MH rookie, and need help with any of the many systems the game fails to explain. I can help you too. If you tried and gave up on the game, but never even reached High rank quests, you gave up to early, give it another shot. Happy Hunting.