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  1. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Sons by Concorde (probably NSFW)
  2. I've gone on and did a quick microbuild house under the farm/garden next to the community house at spawn. Nothing like the megabuild pagoda-thing I made on the last server, but please check it out reguardless. Any big projects/megabuilds in progress?
  3. The threat of Big Dog

    A neat self-righting cube. Not self aware... yet.
  4. Interesting. Could I be listed on this new server. My minecraft name is AteBitGeneral.
  5. Starbound

    I'd be up for some multiplayer Starbounding. I've made full tier 10 gear on my first characgter, which got wiped, and have just now hit tier 10 with a new character. I was going to shelf Starbound for a few updates, but would really like to see how it plays multi player. Count me in.
  6. Games giveaway

    Bought a Vita. Yay! I had a choice between one with, or one without a free code for TellTale's GOTY - The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season (for Vita of course). Both were the same price so I got the one with the free download code, even if I already played it on PC/Steam. So PM me if you want a PSN code for the PS Vita version of TellTale's The Walking Dead: Season One.
  7. anime

    In a fit of nostalgia I've recently re-watched the still awesome Planetes, as well as Yoshitoshi Abe's amazing Haibane Renmei. This was a supplement to my current diet of Spring 2013 shows like Attack on Titan, Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, and the increasingly hard to watch Majestic Prince. All of which I've been following thanks to my swanky new CrunchyRoll subscription. None of these new shows are going on my must-recomend list, but here goes anyhow... The theme of this season so far seems to be story/characters falling short of the bar set by the amazing production quality. Attack on Titan has been okay so far... in a shonen kind of way. The best way to describe Titan would be comparing it to a medieval zombie show... Giant 10-12 meter tall mindless Titans (zombies) of unknown origin have forced humanity (as we know it in the show) into a giant walled city. The show opens with the breaching of the outer most wall. Chaos insues. The lead characters enlist into the spider-man-like defense force that protects the giant walled citystate with the help of their very cool, very steampunky, 3D maneuvering gear. The lead character Eren is the usual unskilled try-hard who is determined to make it. His adopted-sister/love interest Mikasa, is a quiet killing machine of un-equalled skill, and their friend Armin is a book smart wimp who lacks self confidence. I'm 13 episodes in, and have lots of questions which is fun. Saddly a friend who has read up on the manga tells me to not expect any answers any time soon, which is a bit of a bummer. Here is the 2nd Official Trailer for Attack on Titan. Warning this is almost entirely made of the best animated action sequences of the first 10 episodes. Some spoilers from those episodes. After 13 episodes Gargantia ended with a weird bang. For the most part Gargantia was a slice-of-life story of mech pilot who gets sucked into a worm hole and ends up stranded on an unknown planet covered with a bright green ocean. The story follows his attempts at finding meaning, understading, as well as his struggles at finding his place in this strange new society aboard Gargantia a giant flotila of ships moored together. Here is the first Official Trailer. Doesn't really do a good job selling the show, but it's short. Third new series is Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince. From the creative minds behind Gundam SEED, and Heroic Age, comes yet another children piloting giant mechs show. The story follows Team Rabbit, the lowest scoring team in their class. Even if they are woefully underskilled, they each have a quality that is perfetly suited to pilot the next generation of mechs running on a mysterious new emotion system called the JULIA system. That's the set-up for this misfits in space series, which tries to bring a healthy dose of comedy to the usually bland and self serous mech show formula. Saddly instead of making the characters funny, they made them stupid. Which makes them shockingly bad candidates for the mech pilot program, and the whole thing just becomes a farce. How a show with such high production values ended up with such poor story/characters it is a real mystery. Why is it failing horribly in the Japanese ratings isn't. Trailer
  8. Oh and this cool shit too..
  9. A compilation of video games in movies. The years have not been kind.
  10. Just wondering if anybody here has picked up MH3U. I have, and I've sunk about 100 hours in it already. I'm currently working my way through G Rank quests. I thought it might be a good idea to come up with a standard room for the fellow thumbs to use to team up. Hunting with friends is always more fun. I propose the following room, but it can be anything else really. Network Mode - (World) 03 Free C - Lobby 3 - (Room) Thumbs - (Password) idle My WiiU name is AteBitGeneral. Add me if you want to hunt. Disclaimer: I've sunk about 700 hours in the MH series so far, still I'm no expert player (G Rank quests are still hard for me solo). Even though I'm working through G Rank quests, I'd be up for doing Low/High rank quests also if that's what you need. If you are a MH rookie, and need help with any of the many systems the game fails to explain. I can help you too. If you tried and gave up on the game, but never even reached High rank quests, you gave up to early, give it another shot. Happy Hunting.
  11. Plug your shit

    Haven't been on the forums in a while. Been busy with shit, but been keeping up with the pods (you know how it is). Anyhow. I've been working in-house at a local animation studio doing digital compositing. There I ended up teaming up with the character designer, and a senior animatior, and we also did an Empire Uncut clip. After seeing BigJKO posted his, I figured better late than never. You can check it out on Vimeo ... or from the Star Wars Uncut site (where you can vote it up if you so desire - FB log in required) My contribution to the project was the digital compositing and rendering, and rough audio (which ended up being final audio). Trivia - The horrible Han Solo VA is done by me. Appologies.
  12. Following the increasingly popular "not funny but you should see this" trend. A montage/compilation of symetrical one-point perspective shots from director Stanley Kubrick. One-point perspective shots have an unsettling effect on (most) viewers. Which is something Kubrick exploited repeatedly in his works. He used one-point perspective shots as a way to make the audience uneasy even when nothing is happening.