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  1. Destiny

    Good to play with you guys again, glad y'all made it through. If you need any help with the Outbreak Prime quest, feel free to hit me up. I've done it on all my characters so I can fill the Hunter/Warlock/Titan spot in your team as needed. If you want to take a crack at HM, I'd recommend that the group be average 385 light. A bit easier to do now that everything has been bumped up in terms of rewards, Heroic Strikes and Archon's Forge do wonders as well as Iron Banner when that rolls back around in a couple weeks.
  2. Destiny

    I can understand that, people have been saying the same about Overwatch re: 60fps though I'm not sure if you're talking about the pace of combat or the framerate. I'm pretty content with Destiny having a slower pace of combat, it actually makes the PvP interesting in my mind. Though there is an ever rising complaint about how the primary game in PvP is gone because of stuff like the Universal Remote, max range shotguns like Party Crasher, and snipers, I feel like that really mostly applies to public games. I've been getting more and more into sweats, 3v3 games that are effectively crude forms of custom games with rules that facilitate primary weapon gunplay. All of that said, I'm really only at this place because I truly haven't stopped playing since the end of CE and I'm just at a place where I need to find new ways to enjoy the game if I do want to keep playing. Anyways, if anyone needs help completing MoT hit me up. I'm around all of the time. Edit: Oh, one last thing - if you need to gear up, Iron Banner starts tomorrow and is a good way to get end-game leveled drops. Since everyone and their mother is playing it, there tends to be a better range of skilled players so matches tend to be less sweaty.
  3. HELP: Attempted upgrade of PC gone wrong

    For the record and I'm sorry I'm late with this, but some PSU's may have a high total wattage but not enough voltage rails to properly power everything. Basically too many things are asking for too much power and the PSU just doesn't have enough big voltage bandwidth channels to deliver that power (this is highly dumbed down, honestly I don't fully understand it because my electrical engineering courses are a little buried in the memory banks). This can usually be avoided without having to do considerable research by buying Gold/Platinum PSUs, in my experience, as they tend to not cut any corners that budget PSUs sometimes do.
  4. I'm playing on PS4. 30 second - 1 minute wait times are generally expected during daytime hours, but peak hours (like... 7pm EST - 10 EST) usually see 1-2 minute waits and weekend peak hours like last night can see 3-4 minute wait times in the worst cases. Also, fwiw I usually queue in groups at night so that may affect the times. Still something to consider when backing out mid-match, particularly considering it's kind of a pain in the ass to reform groups in this game because there is no way to pull out a full group from the round start screen.
  5. I always stick it out because 1) stomps go fast, so the matches will be over soon 2) gotta get that XP, yo 3) the time to find a game is crazy, you'll spend more time requeueing than it'll take to finish a stompy match. I also generally find that I mind less when I can attribute a loss to bad rando team comp, because that's just stupidity that I can't really avoid. I get way more salty when my team has nearly perfect comp but we still don't stand a chance.
  6. The threat of Big Dog

    An AI wrote a screenplay using the same adaptive speech technology that's used in predictive keyboards, then some actors acted it out and it's insane
  7. I feel like the stomping comes far more frequently when I am in a group vs solo queue, whether it's us stomping or the ones being stomped.
  8. Destiny

    I read it as either them selling a console bundle or them allowing there to be some kind of upgrade path to 360/PS3 owners who have physical editions of the game (since only the digital versions have cross-platform licenses at the moment).
  9. There is a server change in event of severe skill mismatch thing, but I've only seen it happen a couple times. I think the round has to end in a couple minutes twice in a row, or something like that.
  10. It would be interesting if they made it so you could still change characters mid-match, but you had a limited number of changes. So you could make your setup more reactive, but you'd have to calculate your choices much more actively and then live when them if you use all your swaps.
  11. For capture point two of Anubis, I've found that the best strategy is putting a tank + 2x DPS on mid-lane, Hanzo/Widowmaker on right side, and Junkrat/Pharah/Reaper + support on left. Snipers on right can clear anything on that pocket left side when you grapple/climb up on the small platform there, I often clear out at least one turret/bastion/handful of Symmetra turrets from that position. Tank + DPS pulls aggro hard and hopefully absorbs/wastes enemy ults during the push. Then the left team can do serious damage while the whole team is focused on the harassing sniper and heavy hitting mid-squad. The times I've won on that point have been mega close and have really required every person being on point. I've been defeated on defense by similar strategies, and earlier today got wrecked by a team that had a really good forward Symmetra teleporter and switched to all Genji/Reaper/Tracer as soon as cap point 1 was complete then they rush capped the cap 2.
  12. police constable on (star wars) expanded universe servers (I'm actually playing on PS4)
  13. Destiny

    welp. i took a long break between vanilla and the end of HoW, but since then i've been pretty bang on
  14. I also use Private Internet Access and I'm a fan.
  15. this is why i can't handle this, because i love owl but i also love cat D: