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  1. Good Biographies

    The current big literary 'thing' is the recent publication of DT Max's David Foster Wallace biography. My reaction to it was generally positive, I felt that Max did a fair job of summing up DFW's tortuous life and writing career. So I'm a little surprised to hear/read that so many people are dissatisfied with this biography. The major criticism against Max is that he didn't delve deep enough into DFW's history and that the biography is too short. Personally, I can't really picture what a more 'thorough' DFW biography would look like, so I feel these complaints are a little overblown. All the internet chatter over this, and the recent news that Philip Roth has agreed to work with his own biographer, has got me thinking about biographies in general. Has there ever been a biography of someone (I'm thinking more specifically of writers, but any famous or 'famous' person will do) that was received with an overall positive reaction? Or are biographies incapable of every fully satisfying readers? Have any of you read any good/satisfying biographies?