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Favorite Games

Found 2 results

  1. Here is a new music theme for a character for the upcoming visual novel RPG, Stardander School for Witches developed by Fancy Fish Games. Blantree is the "snape" of Stardander - the students dislike him (and he dislikes the students) and everyone always thinks he's the culprit, when he's not. Beneath his grumpy exterior, he's actually quite kind and has just had a hard life and been hurt too many times to trust humans. The music for this character reflects his personality and how his interactions with the students impact their decisions. Stardander School for Witches is being developed by Fancy Fish Games which you can wish-list on Steam For more of my work follow me on Spotify / Bandcamp or go to my website
  2. Hot damn, I was surprised to not see a thread specifically about this! Yeah yeah, there is a a whole thread dedicated to music recommendations, and there is a thread about video game music albums. But a thread solely about video game music and nothing else? No where to be found! Lemme fix that. Here are basic guidelines: - It has to be video game music. From Dear Esther to Gears of War and everything in between. Don't let base definitions of "WHAT IS GAME?!1/!?1?" stop you from posting a song. If you think it's a video game and like a song from it, go ahead and post that goddamn song. - You can also post video game music fan remixes and covers. - Three songs max per post - I-I-I-I-I uh...oh, uh, erm, exuberance? And that is all! Lemme commence this train(wreck?) of excitement. I shall start with the FPS national anthem: Now something majestic, epic in scale and grandeur: And finally, the only song in the whole world that makes me sing-along like a nutcase: I'M STIIIIIILL IN A DREAAAAAAAAAAM! SNAKE EAAATEERRRRRRRR!!!!