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Found 29 results

  1. The Game A first-person, procedurally-generated murder thriller taking place in a hotel, inspired by Hotel Dusk, Resident Evil, Twin Peaks, Animal Crossing, and Rogue. Latest Screenshots Latest Updates At the moment, this is the game. The sprite is placeholder, obviously. But tonight I'm going to get in some preliminary UI and procedural generation systems in (generating layouts based on room prefabs). I have some big ideas for this one, so I'll try to curtail them and just get the basics in.

    This game is released! You can play it here: ---------------------- ORIGINAL POST ---------------------- Hey all. I'm going to be making something loosely based around the theme Half a Brain. As is habit for me, I've gone into the jam with only the faintest seed of an idea of what I want this game to be, and started working on UI stuff until I figured out what the game will be. I'll try and keep on top of this devlog and post regularly; hopefully there will be something interesting to read here.
  3. The game is now available on! ===================== Original post: Hey there, this will be the dev log for my wiz jam game called "Transmission Lost" (named after this episode)! I decided to try something that goes more into the direction of a walking simulator with a small, interesting world to explore and not too much gameplay. This is directly linked to my inability to code (my skills there peak at "using google and copy what other people made") and my ability to do some hopefully nice 3D art. I'll be also using some assets from the asset store that will help me to not only have a functionless level with that standard Unity FPS character and to have some basic "game things". I hope I will figure this all out, as this is the biggest concern I have - getting this all to work together. My plan is to write a short story outline over the first weekend and then do a very basic blockout of the world very early and try to implement the mechanics there. My hope is that I can use the second half of the jam to mass produce art assets and replace the blockout world while maintaining functionality. I do have two weeks off from work starting tomorrow, so in theory I have plenty of time.. But will it work? We'll see! BTW this is my first game jam and also my first game. I do make game art as a hobby, but nothing coming close to a complete game yet (though I'm working on pre production for one with two friends for a couple of months now). So it's not impossible that I'm in tears and despair after a couple of days. If that happens, I hope I can count on your help! I'm also excited to see all the stuff everyone makes! So, let's do this!
  4. [Dev Log] Imagine The Man

    April 13: I just came up with this idea a couple of hours ago and it's still pretty rough around the edges. Pretty much everything about this concept is still in flux, but here's the basic idea: Platformer (probably 2d) where you play as a little kid and are unable to navigate the environment on your own. To navigate the environment, you imagine a guy to help you. At first, all you can imagine is a guy who's bigger than you and can pick you up and set you down: As you explore, and see more of the world, you gain more symbols that you can use to imagine your man. So, for instance, you might see a horse and imagine a man who can run as fast as a horse, or see a tree and imagine a man as tall as a tree. I'll probably do this in Flash/AIR since that's my most familiar platform, and it's a non-trivial idea to implement technically. The biggest challenge I can foresee at this moment is making the man sprite able to be all the different shapes he'll need to be to fit the imagination and still animate decently. For instance, the man as tall as a tree would ideally be slender with incredibly long legs rather than just whatever man sprite scaled up 10x. Even though I normally avoid Flash's vector animation stuff, I may actually want to try to use it for this project due to its suitability to that problem. I'm not really looking for a team, but if anyone would like to get in on this I'm certainly open to the idea. Tomorrow I'm hoping to nail down all the specifics of implementation and have a rough idea of the scope of the game, and maybe throw together a very rough prototype.