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  1. What's the Name of the Game!?

    This is the only halfway obscure screenshot I can find currently. 36.
  2. Movie/TV recommendations

    Would you say there's too much clam in the beverage?
  3. Monster Hunter World on PS4

    There are some people in the squad, but things have quietened down now. There’s still occasionally some chatter in #monhun in Slack, and things might pick up again a bit when Deviljho is introduced this week.
  4. Hey all, I've started an Idle Thumbs squad on the PS4 version of Monster Hunter World. If you want to be invited, add me on PSN (Gwardinen). Unfortunately the interface is a bit weird and we need to be in the same online session for me to send out invites. I'll probably keep a squad session up quite a lot while playing, so feel free to join if you're already in the squad!
  5. I played a little bit of this yesterday, but the on-ramping is... seemingly non-existent? Is there a decent tutorial video series somewhere or something?
  6. Movie/TV recommendations

    Huh, really? What about that bundled on Edge browser for Win 10? Might actually start using it for something. Edit: Alternatively, is there a Windows store app for Netflix that streams at full quality? I never really thought about using such a thing but it might make sense for that reason.
  7. Idle Thumbs Readers Slack & Discord

    This link should work to sign up for a while.
  8. Slay the Spire: Gettin' Spired

    They said 4-8 months when it went into early access in November. Not sure whether there've been any updates to that.
  9. Allegorical prejudice in genre fiction

    I've only read the first of N. K. Jemisin's Broken Earth books, but it definitely immediately falls into the X-Men trap of the "out" group being outrageously dangerous to the point you can't really blame anyone for fearing them. The oppressed people in her book can literally cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions massive enough to cause years to decades of climate change.
  10. I had the exact opposite reaction to the whole final scene.
  11. It hasn't made it feel particularly different to me. If anything it has the quality of feeling like how I remember the game looking/playing, as distinct from how it actually looked and played. I think that's probably the desired outcome from most remakes/remasters.
  12. Star Wars Episode 8

    Yeah, a pyrrhic victory is definitionally not a failure, it's a victory that comes at a cost so great that it may not have been worth achieving. This isn't wordplay; it completely changes the argument about the film depending on whether you view it as a series of failures or pyrrhic victories. The clearest example I can think of for this is Poe's arc, particularly the opening battle and Leia's reaction to it. I forget her exact dialogue, but she basically says to him "yes, you succeeded, but at what cost?" He did actually achieve the goal he sought in the battle, but he lost so many people doing so that, in hindsight, it might not have been worth doing. That's a textbook pyrrhic victory. The argument would have been totally different if he'd squandered a bunch of lives only to learn the New Order had recently installed a Turbo Shield+ that made the bombing ineffective.
  13. That is fantastic. Do they come from somewhere? Are there any more?
  14. The Good Place

    +1 on the Good Place even if you had never heard of Mike Schur before. Season two just finished and I've very much enjoyed it all so far.
  15. Monster Hunter World on PS4

    The multiplayer system has been little confusing, so here's the basics as I currently understand them: Everyone who's online is in a "session" with other online players. You can (but don't have to) join quests being prepared or that're underway with other members of your session at the quest board. You can add a passcode to your quest if you don't want anyone in your session from being able to join. Being in a squad (and having that squad selected as your active squad) allows you to join a "squad session" if one exists, or create one if it doesn't. That way everyone in a squad can just choose to drop into the squad session when they login. Joining a squad requires you to be invited into it by the squad leader while in a session with them (no idea why). Expeditions are not joinable in multiplayer in the usual way - the person on the expedition has to first fire a flare and then they become joinable via the SOS menu by anyone who's online (not just members of your session). Hopefully once we get a decent number of people in the squad we'll just have a lightly active squad session running most of the time, so Thumbs can just casually drop in and out of quests with each other.
  16. Movie/TV recommendations

    A few people recommended the Orville in the Star Trek thread, and while I was initially sceptical I've ended up enjoying it a lot. It genuinely feels like a successor to TNG-era Star Trek in many ways, and it's fun to have an optimistic sci fi show about adventuring around the galaxy, running into strange problems and unknown cultures again. The caveat to this show is certainly the humour. It's Seth MacFarlane, so you probably know broadly what you're getting here and how you'll feel about it. What I'll say is that even if you don't generally like his humour, it's not overwhelming here (especially after the first couple of episodes), and is more on the benign office comedy of awkwardness side of things. Sometimes the writing is a bit on the nose, and the full force alien-species-as-allegories style doesn't necessarily hold up as well as an adult in 2018 as it did when I was a kid in the 90s, but I still genuinely recommend it for the spirit of it. It's about exploring and learning, even if it's sometimes a little pat or oversimplified. It's about a future where humanity, while flawed, is basically good. Turns out I've been wanting to imagine that again.
  17. I've now watched the first two episodes of the Orville, and while the writing is often falling flat for me I do agree that in some ways it hews closer to Star Trek traditions than Discovery does. I find myself thinking "I think they're expecting me to laugh here" quite a lot, which is a bummer, but I am enjoying the campy, brightly coloured TNG optimism of the whole thing.
  18. I've occasionally been tempted to watch it, but I honestly just don't think I could stand Seth MacFarlane for that length of time. Is it pretty focused on him or is it more of an ensemble?
  19. Anyone have Bridge Crew on PC? It no longer requires VR goggles and is 50% off on Steam right now (and possibly other places too). I've tried playing via matchmaking but have run into problems with microphones, terrible audio feedback, unintelligible people and teenagers. I feel like this could be a really fun experience with some other Thumbs, so please let me know if anyone of you are up for it!
  20. Star Wars Episode 8

    I'm not nearly as dormant! I post at least once a month, and I continue to read the forums almost every day because this is my favourite community on the internet by a long stretch. I think I'm re-evaluating my thoughts on Finn in this film a bit based on some of the talk in this thread. I suspect some of you are being somewhat charitable, but there is definitely an argument that he does have a character arc. Unfortunately (and it genuinely is unfortunately because I really like John Boyega) it's not one I have any investment in. I'm not sure there's a single definitive reason why, but I simply have no investment in Finn as a character. In contrast, like many of you I quite enjoyed the Rey/Ren interactions and ended up more interested in Kylo Ren than I was in the first film.
  21. Star Trek Bridge Crew, Goggles or No

    I have also always wanted to try Artemis but don't know anyone with it and am not familiar with any of the later ways to play it online.
  22. Star Wars Episode 8

    Yeah it must have been, because I got the uncanny valley effect every time she was on screen. I would very much like this to stop being a trend, because I find it consistently distracting.
  23. Grand ThVmb Auto PC

    GTA Online goes a little Saints Row in the Doomsday Heist Anyone interested in doing this new heist when it launches? In fact, is anyone interested in doing heists in general? I've still only finished the first of the 4-player ones!