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  1. PL4YST4TION 4

    PS4 1TB edition announced for Europe, releasing July 15th. Price TBC. I was planing on buying a PS4 today, but maybe I should hold off for two and a half weeks and get this instead. Having twice the storage space seems like it save a few headaches down the line.
  2. Here's Paul F. Tompkins singing a song about a Tiny Masonic Trowel:
  3. McCool is a slightly less silly name than it might appear. It is similar to the common Anglicisation of the name of Fionn mac Cumhaill, a major figure in Irish mythology. The Irish pronunciation is a a bit more 'nuanced' than McCool, but there you go. Alternately, Star Wars more like Blarp Blores EDIT: Droopy remains a silly name.
  4. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    How many Ninja Theory characters in Ninja Theory's Hellblade will be played by Ninja Theory's Andy Serkis?
  5. Fallout 4 — Boston Makes Me Feel Good

    Fallout 4 is available for pre-order on Steam (I'm not going to link it for those who are weak willed; also, pre-orders are disgusting). It'd be weird if it wasn't released this year.
  6. I stopped listening to the Bombcast quite a while ago. Listening to Dan causes me physical pain, Brad is a bit dull, and Jeff is a big manbaby. Drew seems cool, but he's caught in a bad crowd. I like everyone on the Beastcast though! It's so much better than the San Francisco office. I don't think it's an amazing podcast (I listen to a lot of different kinds of podcasts, some of which are actually ~amazing~), but there's more thoughtful discussion about games and my taste in games is a bit closer to the hosts.
  7. Fallout 4 — Boston Makes Me Feel Good

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! That's not the Bethesda way. If it wasn't wobbly and stiff in weird, equal measures it would be unrecognisable as one of their games.
  8. Twin Peaks Discussion

    I've said on this forum before that I thought Diane was the name of Cooper's dictaphone and I am going to stick with that.
  9. XCOM 2

    Ah yes, the second XCOM. In other news, video game sequel number is still nonsense.
  10. E3 2015

    Fixed that for you.
  11. SOMA

    Frictional released a short gameplay demo: Also, their Youtube channel is a bizarre mix of ARGy type live action videos for Soma (sorry, SOMA), glitched out versions of gameplay segments and tests of their graphics engine from 2006. EDIT: looks like it's coming for PC and PS4 this year. Maybe in the Autumn?
  12. Idle Thumbs 212: DMCA Dad

    Tthe Sony SweatGlovetm will only work with the PS3, in this the Year of the PS3.
  13. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    I bought Ni No Kuni during a PSN sale. I was mopping up the well received games from the last few years and it was on the list. I'm glad I gave it a go, just so I could re-realise that it's not worth pumping hours and hours into something I am not enjoying.
  14. QUILTBAG Thread of Flagrant Homoeroticism

    The divorce referendum was in 1995. I agree with your points, but I wanted to clarify. -- Ireland has been undoing the shackles of conservatism for a long time. 1983: Declan Flynn was beaten to death in Fairview Park in north Dublin for being a gay man 1993: Homosexuality was decriminalised (!!!) 2015: Ireland is the first country to introduce SSM by popular vote. I think my generation (born late '80s/early '90s) will be the ones to hopefully rip religion out of our government at long last. The New Gay Republic of Ireland is already fantastic. LGBT couples aren't afraid to hold hands and kiss in public! Hooray.
  15. The Ultimate Playthrough, Metal Gears!?

    While we're still on MGS2 chat: there is an extensive analytical essay about the game by James Howell, titled Driving Off the Map. He tried to get at what MSG2 is "about," why the switch from Snake to Raiden is interesting, and the arc that Raiden takes from a playable character that imitates Snake into something much more, and much more important. (He also did a that clarifies some his points in the essay). The main problem with trying to figure this out, and why it took so long, is that MGS2 was kind of unfinished. There are a lot of codec calls that were supposed to be full cutscenes, but instead its voice+text+near-static faces. I really like it though, probably because it never occurred to me to be infatuated with Snake after MGS1.
  16. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    I quit Ni No Kuni. It's a very pretty world, and the music is majestic. Where it loses me is the combat, which is dull, and the voice acting, which is a bit too anime for me. There were a few points where it seemed like the game was going to have trans-dimensional puzzle solving, but instead the characters tell you exactly what to do. There's no mystery to the world. It'll probably be the last JRPG I try. I burned out on Persona 3:FES after sixty hours. The combat was a lot more involved and the world felt much more dangerous and interesting, but I still had some problems with it. There was too much random chance in some of the encounters, and I didn't like any of the main characters.
  17. QUILTBAG Thread of Flagrant Homoeroticism

    It was the Roscommon-South Leitrim constituency, and they voted 51.4% No. It's a very narrow margin, but enough to make every one cringe a bit. I'm sure a significant number of their ancestor's emigrated from that area over the last couple of hundred years. It's all coming full circle.
  18. QUILTBAG Thread of Flagrant Homoeroticism

    'Nother Irish Thumb here. I was apprehensive during the week. I was worried that the No campaign had managed to spread enough misinformation about the issue at hand that it would sway things much further towards an overall No. Delighted that shower of absolute dogfuckers did not poison the well and make an embarrassment out of us all. It's the first time I've ever felt proud to be Irish and to live in Ireland.
  19. The music that played over Peggy's entrance to McCann Erickson is called " " on the Mad Men soundtrack for the first season. It's the music that plays while all of the secretaries are testing the lipsticks and Peggy's copywriting talents are discovered. It's a nice callback.
  20. I love that every player of Dark Souls has the same (very strong) mental map of the world. There are very few games that do that on the first play through. What's also cool is that people extracted the 3d models of the world and built a 3d model viewer to be able to see how the world connects, and if it is possible (it is, with a couple of minor points that clash).
  21. Can we just take a second to appreciate Cooper's penguin joke? I love it.
  22. the sole reason I came to this thread.
  23. Meow.

    My cat was killed by another cat. She was bitten and the bite got infected.
  24. IDLE THUMBS 200

    Classic Breckon.
  25. When Chris and Jake were talking about Pete/Jack Nance's crazy eyebrows at the wedding: Jake: "I guess he's got The Log Lady" Chris: "She's no Catherine." ... which is true and not true. The Log Lady is played by Catherine E. Coulson. I thought it was funny.