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  1. Monday Night Combat

    I recently picked this up in the starting week sale where you get Monday Night Combat items in TF2 and TF2 items in Monday Night Combat. Boy, I am not getting sick of Valve cross-overs at all Anyways, this game, which is very much like third-person TF2 in a lot of ways, but plays more like DOTA whereby two teams face off with path-finding AI bots that constantly bombard the other team. There's towers, upgrades, money, bonuses, everything you would expect in DOTA gameplay. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it as a whole, but for right now I am having a lot of fun. eJrg1qc09UU
  2. Why So Serious Sam 3?

    I wanted to make a witty post title. Welp, that's out of my system. Checky: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2011/02/28/serious-sam-3-announced/ These screenshots look amazingly beautiful. Seeing these classic enemies re-imagined in the "cutting edge" without the polygon-ness looks weird, but cool. So far we know it's a prequel, has lots of the Egyptian stuff that made the original game unique, and has 16-player co-op (that is going to be god-like).
  3. 3DS Friend Codes

    Added colinp, ChrisDaniels and atriarch. I'm starting to Swapnote again, this time with vidja game pictures.
  4. Natural Selection 2

    I stopped playing this game for awhile. I got into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on a competitive level and am loving that experience. It makes me wish Natural Selection 2 had a similar matchmaking/team making play with rankings and the like. I know it's PC tradition to just jump into a game, dick around, then leave if you're bored, but having a true competitive match-up against similar skilled opponents, lots of teamwork/communication and non-abandoning team mates elevates the experience for me. These two new posts make me excited though: http://unknownworlds.com/ns2/state-of-development-june-2013/ http://unknownworlds.com/ns2/the-female-marine/
  5. 3DS Friend Codes

    Did another mass-add from the last time I posted here. I have added: Sno UC_Raider BigJKO lobotomy42 NerdOnAWire Squid Division Lu K-bohls! Jon_Danger winknugget Korax tegan Hermie mikemariano Twig Mine again is: 3093-7071-6188 As a side note, I wish you could keep the names you input for the people you add. This is hard to keep track of.
  6. Survival Games

    I've been recently putting together a Giant Bomb list of all the (Wilderness) Survival games I can find: http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/drath/lists/wilderness-survival-games/84771 I'm slowly adding all the games and information to the Giant Bomb wiki, but their approval system is very slow, so lots of stuff isn't done yet. Hopefully I can reach 1000 wiki points or whatever soon so I can make the updates easier.
  7. Survival Games

    Would I be terrible if I mentioned my own game? It's not as big as all the others mentioned (yet!) as it's still in early beta (and FREE!), but it's seen quite a few players and was featured on PCGamer.com and inside the print mag (does that mean anything anymore?). Wayward
  8. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

    Are we seeing a new level of April Fool's marketing? April Fool's, Fools? What a twist!
  9. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

    There was also a document leaked that showed it also being rated by the Australian Classification Board - "High impact sex scene", YES! There's also achievements/cover art physically in the Microsoft/Live system. I'm pretty sure it is a joke game, but I think it actually IS coming out.
  10. RetroN 3

    I've been getting progressively more and more depressed lately. I pulled one of my NES consoles out the other day to play some Fester's Quest (don't hate me)... and it didn't power on. Luckily I had a back-up. A few weeks later, I was craving some Jurassic Park for the SEGA Genesis... only to find my genesis seems to be in some type of magnetic battle with my TV - the picture is too distorted now, something to do with the video output, it's broken. I do not have a back-up. Luckily I have two SNES consoles and they are both fine (for now). I'm depressed because it's getting harder and more expensive to keep replacing these aging consoles. Emulation is fine, but I'm a collector... I want to play these carts on my 42" LCD sitting/laying on my couch. I've looked at a lot of these "hybrid" new consoles but most of them are reviewed poorly; however, something new hit the market: The RetroN 3. http://hyperkin.com/index.php/retro-system-retron-3.html From what I can gather from online, it truly is the best hybrid machine out there right now - and best of all, this is the only unit with SNES/NES/GEN support AND support for their original controllers. It's pretty cheap too. I think I am going to get this. Anybody have any insights on this situation? There has been noted compatibility issues with these types of systems with newer/advanced carts like Super Mario RPG... but haven't heard about things like that for this one.
  11. RetroN 3

    So the RetroN4 is now the RetroN5. Besides the awkwardness, I'm pretty excited about this. I guess it will in fact play original GB/GBC games as well, so this is more like the RetroN 9 with PAL/NTSC.
  12. RetroN 3

    Just realized this topic got stirred up again. I did in fact get the console way back when. It is generally good, it plays all the special carts that I have tried. The ONLY issue that I have with it was the controllers it came with and the sound. S-Video/Composite is a really nice touch. Basically, throw the controllers out, and get original NES/SNES/GEN controllers - which is why I love this console in the first place, the ability to use the original controllers. The ones it comes with are laggy (RF) and cheap feeling. On the second note, about sound. It does NES perfect; however, SNES sound seems a bit too overblown/loud, and GEN sounds less "bassy" then their real counterparts. Which is really strange, it seems like this would be an easy fix just to tweak after they throw the chip in. The real reason I am replying though is, the RetroN 4 was announced featuring: HDMI output Game Boy Advance support (but not original Game Boy or Color? Weird...) Bluetooth wireless controllers (YES!) PAL and NTSC compatible Given those points, and how cheap these things are, I most likely will pick one up. RetroN 4 is unveiled tomorrow.
  13. Natural Selection 2

    Been playing it off and on since the early betas when I pre-ordered it. I think it has most of the "magic" of the original, but I'm really questioning some gameplay differences between the two right now. Mostly to due with alien abilities. That being said, the early versions of the original seen many changes in alien abilities anyways until they finally settled. It's not running really good on my computer at the moment though. I get 70+fps in every situation... except when I don't. The game will stutter for like 5 seconds, like a full 5 seconds it will just sit there, then go normally again, it does this constantly almost sometimes unplayable. I've tried every setting/config too. It really sucks, but somehow I can still enjoy it... a good sign.
  14. Team Fortress 2 Co-op! Mann vs. Machine

    So, my experience is pretty poor so far on how they handled the matchmaking system. But good news! I've made a Team Fortress 2 - Mann vs. Machine Simulator! It runs right in your browser! Try it out: http://vaughnroyko.com/mvmsimulator/
  15. Doom The Roguelike

    I've put some serious effort in to this game so far, but recently had to lower the difficulty to lowest just to see if I could actually beat it. Unfortunately I failed the other night, having made it to the last boss. I was doing the best I ever did, so I have no idea how I will ever manage to pull it off. That aside, it's an amazing game with tons of depth and surprises (there's non-canon Doom stuff contained within this game). The best part about the game is the feeling of certain weapons, like the shotgun. The sound alone makes it feel so good to play, even with the low-fidelity graphics. BOOM! Believe it or not, I got this game all mapped out to a gamepad using JoyToKey and it plays really great. Playing a roguelike with a gamepad? BLASPHEMY! There is some graphical glitches here and there (wall tiling), but nothing too major.
  16. Bastion

    Wow, a lot of negativity at the beginning of this post. I played through it, then played through it again in NG+, as well as getting all achievements. I basically sucked out everything from this game I could. I love the implied mythos, the unique storybook-esque world and environments, the gameplay, the sense of pacing... well pretty much everything. GOTY. It is a bit limiting for gamers expecting a more varied, open ended game and story... this game is not it. It's very deliberately paced and controlled, which I am fine with because I fell in love with the story and gameplay. There's weapons for every type of play style. Through upgrades, you can tweak and refine the weapons to suit your play style even more. Unlike a lot of people here, I knew I would love this game right from the get to. Oh ya, the soundtrack/OST... pure awesomeness there.
  17. Trine 2

    I'm playing through this co-op currently via Xbox Live Arcade (it's a better platform for couch-style co-op'ness). I haven't read through any of the comments yet so far in this thread so I wouldn't spoil anything (even though there probably isn't that much to spoil), but a couple thoughts so far: The wizard controls aren't very wizard. I understand the whole novelty of drawing your spells, but it's not really working on the console controls. There's something really off about it. It's more Trine, but better looking, so that's cool, I guess. Or is it? It's a pretty slow burn for me at the moment... not really itching to play it, especially with those portal-esque puzzles... it kind of seems forced into there.
  18. Stereothumbsgate 2012
  19. RPS'd: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/02/28/gravity-bones-sequel-thirty-flights-of-loving/ Also, I found the trailer kind of odd. I didn't hear any sick Dubstep drop-in. I thought that was what trailers did now.
  20. I'm very skeptical of the Stereo thing at the moment considering I've never once had an issue with quality or clarity. For that reason, "why fix what isn't broken?". Granted, having said that, using subtle MANUAL voice channel panning will trick our brains into thinking there is multiple people in a virtual space, which actually can work great as well, but it has to be subtle, and... well, is it necessary?
  21. The sperm floor rises once again! I just found out about this as well and i'm down for $60.
  22. 3DS Friend Codes

    Added you syntheticgerbil. I wish you could add notes on your friends or something, this is going to get confusing.
  23. 3DS Friend Codes

    Hope everybody here likes Puffin Swapnote spam.
  24. Natural Selection 2

    I've been playing it like non-stop for a week. There's still tons to do on the Marine side (as referenced by all the greyed out options when commanding), but it's really starting to be a "game". A good game, a game that is fun to play
  25. I never even knew this was a thing! I know what i'm doing for several hours! *EDIT* Oh god, the audio quality! I'll try and trooper through this. *EDIT 2* A reference to TouchDIC, nevermind, this will do