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  1. Rome II: Total War II: Rome: Total War

    In my... let's see... wow, okay... 40 hours of Rome 2 the only time I've ever resolved has been blowouts in my favor. The problem inherent to the system, as I see it, is if the battle chances are anything below 70%-ish, auto-resolve is almost certainly going to sim worse than if I were to control the fight myself. Conversely, if the fights are over 70% they're a complete snore and should be sim'd. The only exception I've had here has been I was too far into german territory using macedonian armored peltists against entire armies of mounted archers, where my forces were so out-technologied and out-numbered that whether I sim'd or played, it was a huge defeat.
  2. Rome II: Total War II: Rome: Total War

    I played as Macedon in my first campaign, but after completing the first set of objectives I swapped to play Sparta, motivated purely by "I like the way they look." That suit commercial guy guaranteed I was going to like the way I would look too! I agree with you, a lot of the mechanics are illogical and seem to make no difference. A lot of the new features feel really dull or uninspired, and they really went in the opposite direction that I hoped they would. They shifted focus more heavily toward settlements and cities, the only battles I've had outside of sieges have been as a result of raiding, setting ambushes, or fortifying narrow passes... and don't get me started on the ability for any army to just become a boat and cruise the aegean. Why build fleets at all, especially given how irritating I've found the naval combat. With that said, I am having fun playing with the realm development, creating heroes and using them to train my armies to amass crazy zealots. I like marching my armys into enemy lands to raid and force open-field conflicts, or retreat and lead them into my ambushes. I still find the battles fun. Conversely, autoresolve feels awful.
  3. Apologies if there is already a thread. I didn't see one when I started writing this 4 hours ago. I type like your great, great, great gandmother's father. Sega and Creative Assembly released a game last week titled Total War: Rome II, which they say is a sequel to something called Total War: Rome. I'm pretty sure they mean Rome: Total War, but it's possible we have a Prince situation, so maybe we should be calling this the sequel to the game formerly known as Rome: Total War. This is a serious matter that warrants discussion. Maybe the next patch is Rome II: Total War II? Anyway, has anyone else fired this up? I've played 2 campaigns and have been having fun despite the innumerable complaints I have. Ignoring the bugs, like the weird AI problems and units practically ignoring my orders, I don't like the direction they took the game in a lot of ways. It feels much more like a video game than I would've thought, especially given the promotion this game has received.
  4. Crusader K+ngs II

    I knew I wanted to convert a CK2 save to EU4, but then I heard about the customization DLC and decided to go all out. You're welcome, Europe. My original goal was to conquer all the world before 1066, but once I had steamrolled Eastern Europe and Greece I decided that was too easy. I decided I am just going to conquer Europe and let it ride. Once I've conquered the lingering farts in Italy, Lotharingia, and East Francia I will put the game into observer mode and run until EU4 era. Looking forward to that. Oh, and here is the religiosity:
  5. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    Okay, but I am not talking about preference. There are certainly some games where I prefer a gamepad; I can't imagine playing InFamous or Prince of Persia without a gamepad, and I'm perfectly willing to say that there are games that seem tailored to a specific controller, as the previously mentioned fighting/flight sim genres can illustrate. However, in most of those cases the games aren't unplayable with a K&M. I literally couldn't play Dark Souls because the mouse got stuck about 4 times. I'm being completely forgiving and ignoring the fact that the game will still spitting out 360 Button callouts, I can deal with having to memorize keybinds.
  6. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    That franchise holds no interest for me, so I don't know. I play flight sims without a joystick, and always have. I didn't even know Street Fighter on PC existed, and I've never tried, but I can see why this would be challenging. I don't see how you can compare Dark Souls to fighting games though. There is literally nothing in the design of Demon Souls or Dark Souls that inherently favors a gamepad, so your analogy doesn't hold up. Unless you count "the mouse stops working" as being in the scope of the design. Plus, there is a huge difference between "the game is completely unplayable due to bugs" and "the game is more complicated or challenging". RE: First Person Shooters. So I'm not really sure what your point is. I prefer both of these games on PC with M&K, and I've never had a problem with either.
  7. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    I find it rather silly to simply dismiss the issues that Dark Souls' PC has with M&K controls for either of those reasons. I'm sure I'm not the only person who doesn't have a controller, nor that I am the only person who expects a game to function on a system's native devices. Assuming I am willing to give it another shot, please recommend a suitable controller for me to pickup?
  8. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    Picked up the PC version, tried to play without a controller. I stopped within 10 minutes. Can't deal with bad PC ports.
  9. Team Fortress 2 Co-op! Mann vs. Machine

    I usually start the game as a heavy or soldier, and around wave 4 switch to medic. I don't dump any cash until the swap, and a medic with kritz is pretty nuts.
  10. Team Fortress 2 Co-op! Mann vs. Machine

    Yeah, using the automated tool is an exercise in futility. Here is the best way to play MvM: Manually search for a server. Enter "mvm" in the map name field. Join a server with fewer than 6 players. Enjoy MvM
  11. Team Fortress 2 Co-op! Mann vs. Machine

  12. New Forums! Post feedback, notes, etc here

    It's pretty glorious...
  13. New Forums! Post feedback, notes, etc here

    Why don't the forums use the Puffin icon?
  14. I wish this post were a woman.
  15. Diablo III

    I'm in Act 2 inferno in hardcore, and Act I inferno in softcore, but I very, VERY rarely play my softcore characters.