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  1. I think the animations are an easy (and funny) target, but what really bothers me is how utterly uninterested I am in any of the dialogue that's happened in any of the videos I've seen.
  2. Man I want to like Iron Fist. I actually like Danny Rand, against all expectations, as a person - I am 100% positive I'm in the minority here - but as a superhero he's so super bland. I like the fights?? I'm a sucker for martial arts, even when they're not super fantastic. I'm bad. And then there's... Danny's like a weeaboo for monks. And then there's... Colleen with the super stilted delivery of al her bushido code stuff?? Danny's delivery feels real, even if we all know it's problematic. At least I can believe HE believes what he says. But every time she mentions bushido, I cringe instinctively. God it's one of those shows I know is bad but I still enjoy despite all that. And I could never recommend it to anyone, but I'm going to finish it. Worst Netflix Marvel show to date, without a doubt. Blargh. BLARGH! I'm currently finishing up episode six as I write this. Hopefully it gets better in the second half. (Hah!)
  3. I have yet to need a real d-pad for anything. Definitely won't be buying a pro controller, like, ever. But the right button on the fake d-pad doesn't work right. I have to press hard for it to register. It's annoying. ):
  4. NieR: automobile

    I think she looks like a badass. I wish I could kick some teeth in looking like that.
  5. Nintendo 3DS

    more like federation FARCE
  6. Pen and Paper and Games

    Oh man I somehow missed that you made it. Yeah it was a lot of fun playing a creepy cyborg cat, haha. Definitely one of my favorite characters I've played in a tabletop game. It's a shame we didn't get to play more. D:
  7. Man this game just is not looking good when I watch people play it. I want to like it because I loved Mass Effect 1 and was hoping this would bring back that love, but ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  8. Haha okay, yeah, that definitely exists. And yeah that is definitely not how I'd ever use the word "jank".
  9. Breath of the Wild suffers from very little open world jank. Whic is particularly impressive considering how deep it can get.
  10. I think you're probably right. I'm actually in what I assume is the minority in that I like that there are voiced lines. But I completely agree that the voiced lines are bad (not universally so, but at times REALLY bad). So... maybe next time, haha.
  11. Personally I think it looks all right on its own. But then they say it. And they always say the whole thing. AHHHHH. Really it's just one of those "it's fine in Japanese because that's how they do things" things. But the localization didn't catch it. For whatever reason. Mandates from on high? /shrug
  12. breath of the wild tho it's not so much a "he" in this case, as an "it" calamity ganon is just this big dark force rather than a dude walking around like in previous games
  13. pls nintendo make a western themed zelda thank you
  14. Ganondorf is the human-thing and Ganon is the beast-thing! There's always been a distinction there, at least, and it's been consistent. Boy oh boy did it throw me off for years when I was a kid, though. Calamity Ganon is definitely bad.
  15. wind waker ganon(dorf) is still the best ganon(dorf) it's the only time they ever present him at all sympathetically and it works all the better for it
  16. Welcome to video game fans. It's shit. Everything's shit. Except this game which is near perfect. :3
  17. OKAY NEW THOUGHT rito evolved from zora at some point before wind waker post wind waker some zora who were stuck in time frozen hyrule came back and the world has since recovered and now they coexist (this actually doesn't work because i'm pretty sure breath of the wild isn't down the wind waker timeline but fuck if i know??) FIGURED IT OUT GUYS GOT IT IN ONE
  18. that's the argument i'd make if i believed in the existence of saltwater zora which i DON'T see above!!!!!!!!!!
  19. oracle of ages isn't canon!!! capcom made it!!! apparently there are saltwater zora in majora's mask tho but since that's a weird dark world aberration of everything that is pure hyrule, IT DOESN'T COUNT!!!
  20. I don't think there were any secret Zora to find. Gorons were wandering merchants without a home, though. Maybe Zora are a freshwater species! They're always associated with rivers and/or lakes, after all. I think...
  21. Yeahhh that's right! HMMM. Oh well, I guess in Breath of the Wild, the Rito evolved while the Zora remained separately. Whatever! Unrelated... Here is a thing that I liked that happened to me in the Gerudo town. It's not a big story event or anything, nor is it even a significant gameplay moment spoiler, but eh whatever some people care about these things: I like this game a lot. Moments like that, where I see something curious, follow the lead, and am led to an ultimately insignificant, but interestingly unique scene. That's my jam. And they're EVERYWHERE in this game. Mmmm. Game ain't perfect and has some issues but good fucking lord. AHHHHHH.
  22. Okay I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed it, at least. Doesn't really bother me, though, haha. Mostly just confused and curious.