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  1. Other podcasts

    They didn't just launch it they released it all at once! D: First episode is already gripping me hard though.
  2. I absolutely adore the weapon fragility, and also went out of my way to combat pretty much everybody. I enjoyed approaching every encounter from different angles (honestly most of them from above, after paragliding, dropping a bomb, gliding back around in a circle, blowing it up, then weapon slamming). It really encourages just letting loose and not giving a fuck, and weapons are so plentiful as to not be a big deal when one breaks. Bar a few times very early on, I never ran out of weapons. Just had to use different types of weapons. Also came to rely more on my bows as my arrows grew more and more robust in option and quantity. Fuck I love this game.
  3. Movie/TV recommendations

    Yeah that's fair. I shouldn't really talk anyway since I have zero interest in the Arrowverse (I also really hate that name).
  4. The threat of Big Dog

    evenin' y'all
  5. Movie/TV recommendations

    Seems like it'd be easier to just make separate threads for each show you wanna talk about. Megathreads suck! *nods*
  6. I Had A Random Thought...

    on fleek
  7. Other podcasts

    All that said, I think if I'd skipped season one, I probably would not be enjoying this season even half as much. There's... a lot more than callbacks. This is a long-lasting story with significant character development. Yeah, you get to skip over the first X number of episodes where Ali really figures out her character (Hella) and that's kind of a mark against season one's earlier episodes, but you also miss some very important super key events in and leading up to Nacre that shape the character she plays in this season. Though I think they did do a recap at one point, I'm not sure if it really captures the moment. Same with Hadrian. I found his character extremely boring at the start, if I'm being honest. But some Shit Goes Down that made me care so much more about him near the end of season one. Throndir, too, this season I don't think you'd have any idea what his motivations are without some important shit from the first season. I mean I could go on...?! Also Nacre (sp??) is just a really goddamn great arc all around. Also That Word-Eater though!!
  8. Other podcasts

    I still vastly prefer FATT to TAZ. The players invest in their characters in a way that just plain doesn't exist in TAZ. Except Griffin's NPCs, which is, like, okay, whatever. TAZ is, like you say, a vessel for jokes. I love it. But FATT is interesting and insightful. Also Austin's just a really good DM, in a way that Griffin doesn't even approach. It makes the world and consequences of player choices feel like they actually matter. The sound quality in season one gets better. I can't believe how many people I've told this at this point, but it's only shit for a few episodes. Then it's bad, then decent, then good. If you want a good balance of jokes and actually good DM'ing, go listen to Campaign. It's a Star Wars: Edge of the Empire actual play. I don't give a good goddamn about Star Bores, but it's a fucking good podcast and... campaign.
  9. That lack of explicit progression is what makes it feel so much more fun to me. That I know I could do anything anywhere whenever I want. i guess this is a "spoiler", in a sort of "talks aobut gameplay that happens throughout the whole game" kind of way i never know anymore with these spoilers
  10. The Next President

    "It's a very good name. The best name." They postponed the vote. /shrug Hope it's true. Dunno if that means everyone else will give up. Also, just leaves me worried what he'd focus on next...
  11. Twin Peaks Discussion

    bald james what
  12. yeah i get it i ain't a dumb... i hate it if that wasn't obvious!!!
  13. I'm not defending it by any stretch because customizable controls should be required in all games, REAL TALK. But! When you run, and release the run button, there's a bit of an intentional delay to the slowing down phase. I have no problem just sliding my thumb up there and I always succeed. Notes about run jumping: It will continue to drain your stamina while in the air. Until you paraglide. It DOES make you move faster while in the air. Until you paraglide. Basically, as others have said, there's no really benefit to it. But, as others have said, it feels real damn good.
  14. Since everyone be complaining about controllers right now, here's my input: the vive controller wands have grip buttons that you just squeeze to do things. I love the grip buttons! It took some getting used to but they feel great once I did. EVERYBODY HATES THEM. I'm always pushing for using the grip buttons for important functions but EVERYBODY HATES THEM ):
  15. oh so it's sega's fault the xbox fucked things up for me ):
  16. i thought it was just a running gag on the internet i did not know this was a real thing people did
  17. I never understood that, since that lines up with the standard Nintendo set with SNES.
  18. I've always liked that Binding of Isaac is so aggressively gross. Aggrossive? Sorry. But yeah I can totally understand why anyone would be put off by the aesthetic, because it is definitely not an attractive one. It's interesting how such a strongly focused gameplay structure is paired with such an intense style and theme. That's kinda Edmund's bread and butter, I guess. Just so happens this time it's an offputting style and theme. I played 1-2 Switch and it's actually a lot of fun for what it is (which is a minigame collection where you compete with other people...). What's really terrible about it, though, is how there's just no structure to it whatsoever. You literally choose from a list of 28 games (each entry taking up a whole screen) and then play that. There's an arbitrary "you beat the previous score of..." feature, but that's literally it! Give me a randomly assorted tournament structure so I can more formally compete with my friends! Make it WarioWare style! It's such an easy problem to solve. I'm utterly baffled by it. And it's definitely not worth the fifty buckaroos they're asking. Jesus. The HD rumble is legitimately cool, to echo everyone I've seen talk about it. It's cliché at this point, but it really does feel like balls rolling around in a box. Still not sure what great benefit it'll add to, I hate to say it, "real games", but hey. It's definitely a cool thing that it works as well as it does. Bomberman is fun. I guess there were some major input lag issues at one point, but they've been patched out. Framerate still drops. AI bombermen are... ridiculously amazing at dodging bombs. And yuou're forced to play with either four or eight people. So you're stuck with AI unless you have exactly that amount of people playing. Another easy problem to solve, but for some reason... Well, cheap cash-in I guess. SNIPPERCLIPS THO. THAT'S THE HOT SHIT. DANG!!!
  19. I finished it because apparently I didn't want to do anything productive or even anything good. ): Man, just don't watch Iron Fist. ): Someone recommend me some good martial arts FLIX to make up for this disaster. ): Here's one good thing I'll say about the show: Ward was really compelling. I mean, he was a terrible person, but he was sympathetic in a way that none of the good guys were, and none of the bad guys, either. He's my favorite character in the show. Maybe the only character I wanted to watch, really? I really liked his arc. I suppose that's consistent, in a way, with why I like the previous Marvel series. They're much less black and white than the movies tend to be, and Ward embodies that aspect in a way that nobody else in Iron Fist does. In summary:
  20. Agents of SHIELD had a certain cheesy charm to it that kept me going. I don't think it's anywhere near as bad as people told me it was. This, though... (Two episodes later, it didn't get better...)