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  1. It would make sense for the solid plastic case to have a different warp factor (is that a thing??) from the clear plastic screen. Heat will naturally do that after a while. Hopefully it doesn't get too extreme. I didn't realize it was that subtle. Maybe mine is having a problem after all and I just didn't notice. I'll have to check tonight!
  2. my current email is theoneguy and i get so many people signing up for shit with a "throwaway" address and i really really really need to change it
  3. Happens to the best of us!
  4. Home button on the right joycon, haha.
  5. Same. No issues except joycon. Even the joycon thing stopped happening somehow?? No idea how that works. To be honest, it's the most solid piece of gaming hardware ice used since the GBA. It's been a while since I've been this satisfied. It's so pleasant to use, and so quick and snappy.
  6. Painting tabletop miniatures

    hey i finished my trollblood bouncer I'm not very happy with the leather butt cape, but it looks fifty times better than it did before i painted it over and rewashed it HA HA HAAAAAAAAA ugh i AM very happy with the metal armor, though!!!
  7. Painting tabletop miniatures

    those zombies suck i hate em i'm all right with these trollblood whelps tho!! i got out my good camera and everything! i think goggles boy is my fav i'm bad at highlighting but i'm done with these guys i'll get better with someone else
  8. Snake Pass

    I've finished Snake Pass. 100%'d it even! Real quick, here's what happens if you collect everything: Here's what happens when you beat the game: No major spoilers (if anything in this game can even be called a spoiler), but basically collecting everything doesn't unlock more levels or anything, so don't worry about that if that's the sort of thing you worry about. For me, collecting those things was a significant part of the fun (and a SIGNIFICANT part of the challenge). Game gets hard. I sorta felt like it was consistently hard throughout, as I grew better at the game at the same rate it threw new challenges at me? I found myself screaming with frustration at falling off into the void multiple times at certain challenging towers or obstacles, and laughing out loud with joy after conquering them. Last post, I mentioned that I'd gotten really good at climbing towers. That remains true. Quickly wrapping myself around poles and slithering my way up a tower is so much fun, and so satisfying! Slithering on the ground similarly remained weirdly difficult for me. If I were to change one thing about the controls (besides the camera, which is shit), I'd find a way to make that easier. Not sure what it would be. Maybe just changing the top speed in general would be enough. Most of my deaths, I bet, were going off the edge trying to catch a pole, but not going fast enough so I just didn't hit it in time. Falling into the void. I cannot state enough how fucking good it felt to successfully climb towers. By the end, I'd managed to get a handle on letting go of A or ZR or ZL just the right amount of time to wrap around a pole just enough in just the right way. GOD. DAMN. I saw one review that had the word "relaxing" in the headline. HAHA WHAT?? OKAY.
  9. Snake Pass

    It's definitely a hard game. It's got a learning curve steeper than anything I've encountered in a long long time. I'm glad you didn't give up, 'cause I think it's something special. I will say that as I get deeper and deeper in the game, I really wish going Fast was easier to do, haha. Usually it's not a big deal, but I've gotten really good at climbing things at this point, and climbing feels so much faster than slithering on flat ground that it's... weird. Looking at the percentages as I progress, it seems like a fairly short game, but I've been spending a lot of time hunting down coins Barring one level where I couldn't find the last dumb glowing sphere, I've gotten everything up through level 10. Or was it 11? Something like that.
  10. Snake Pass

    Yeah I either end up holding A or ZR a lot when I should stop, 'cause I'm so focused on other things. I'm getting better over time, though.
  11. Snake Pass

    You don't need the coins! 100%'ing games is for fools!
  12. The McElroy Family of Products

    Okay it's cool that Kravitz will be back. Though, it remains to be seen if it's done well. It probably will be if he's making an actual point of it, but... lol barry, lol davenport, so. But that's just one stumbling block on a list a mile long. And yes there's nothing wrong, inherently, with bringing back Barry, on its own. But it's yet another example of how Griffin puts more importance and seriousness into his NPCs than he does the actual players. How many times has he said "no, you can't do that" to a clever solution to a puzzle? QUITE OFTEN. How many times has he had someone come in to save the day out of nowhere? QUITE OFTEN. How many times has he neglected cues from his players in order to focus further on his own plans for the greater story arc? QUITE OFTEN.*** It's fine to do these things every now and then. But it's happens a lot. Way too much. And obviously, I know he can't just let the players die, it's a podcast, that would suck. But there's a way to add tension for the players that isn't "watch all these NPCs do everything while you are immortal". Yes, I'm exaggerating at times here. Again, these are issues caused by it being his first ever game. That's fine. At least let him learn from his mistakes instead of letting him think he's the greatest. ***Best/worst example of this? When he completely overshadowed the characters' own written backstories with Griffin's Super Special Stuff. ------ Anyway, I've said my piece. I wouldn't care this much if I didn't like it. YOU KNOWWWWWWW. Peace.
  13. The McElroy Family of Products

    oh okay so he called back to it by killing a dude MEH All this is me complaining about some guy running his first campaign. It's fine, nobody's going to nail it on the first campaign. But what bothers me most of all about this is not that he ain't perfect. I still really enjoyed the vast vast majority of the 'cast. What bothers me is that he seems unwilling to listen to criticism. And the gazillions of McElroy fans are drowning out the legitimate criticisms with "I LOVE THIS AND WILL NOT ACCEPT HATERS"! I want him to be better. I want them all to be better. At this rate, I'm not confident that will happen. Unless Travis' campaign circles back to influence Griffin.
  14. The McElroy Family of Products

    Remember that time Magnus (I think it was Magnus) went on that date with that grim reaper guy? And then Griffin hasn't done shit with him since? Yet he brought back Barry Bluejeans because WHY. Meanwhile Lem from Friends at the Table found himself enamored with an NPC, and Austin found a way to bring that NPC back again and again because Lem wanted it, and it became an awesome collaborative thing between GM and Player. And Griffin just wants Davenport to be important?? It's actually bullying to keep comparing Griffin to Austin, but I can't help it. The contrast is significant. FUCK.
  15. The McElroy Family of Products

    It's just so... "I AM GRIFFIN I AM THE DM NOTHING YOU GUYS HAVE DONE REALLY MATTERS BEYOND BEING TOOLS FOR TELLING MY STORY" and i get that that's fine for the vast majority of people listening but goddamn yes make it end plz travis save us
  16. I made a Snake Pass thread! But just real quick: beyond the graphical style, they don't have a lot in common.
  17. The McElroy Family of Products

    I've been kind of holding it in because it's whatever, but this is gonna bring it out of me I think it's meant to be partly tongue-in-cheek, but also he later says "I'm drunk right now" which makes me think it's also meant to be in earnest. "Genius storyteller"? God everything in the latest episode was so... M. Night Shyamalan What a Twist! Bullshit. I love the moment to moment stuff and the goofs, but the cap to this whole story is... not good.
  18. lmao a silver rupee for all that
  19. I bought Snake Pass because the Switch is starving for content or whatever and I was desperate(??). This article expresses my opinion for me, so I'll just share that. It's a hard recommend because I know so many people will be put off by the learning curve. But I also know that now that I have a feel for it, it's so satisfying to slither up and around a series of bamboo poles to get that coin way up high. I adore this game. One big problem: the camera is shit. It's not good. It's my only complaint, but a bad camera in a 3D platformer(?) is a pretty heinous sin. The game is also available on Steam, but I got it on the Switch so I'm talking about it here!! HAHAHA! EDIT: I don't know why I didn't just make a new thread... *copies* *pastes*
  20. I don't think it was made for people who've already gotten everything out of it that they wanted...
  21. Okay it's four dollars cheaper. I mean yes Steam sales are a violently steep discount almost every time. But at its full price it's not that much cheaper? EDIT: I just noticed you used expansion, singular. There's a second one, released a couple months ago I think now. Rebirth, base game. Afterbirth, expansion one. Afterbirth+, expansion two.
  22. The main reason for the price increase is the included expansions.
  23. I wish they'd made a new IP instead of Mass Effect cause then it wouldn't have the baggage of being a descendant of one of my favorite games from the previous generation that, as far as I'm concerned, has only gone downhill since the first entry, and, as far as I can tell from all the dialogue I've seen in this game, just looks so incredibly dull and, crucially, not well-written. Plus the combat I'm uninterested in because "okay mediocre shooter again that's not why i even play this series". Same with Dragon Age, in fact. Though I think DA2 would've been better than DA1 if they'd just had the time to finish it, but that's neither here nor there. Bioware is good at ones, bad at twos and threes. C'mon team, do better! Stop wasting effort on this stuff that never pans out the way I want. And yeah that's selfish and yeah I won't apologize. I actually blame EA in all of this, but what're you gonna do. And yeah I haven't played Andromeda, and yeah I won't, and yeah I'm happy for people who like it, and yeah that doesn't mean I'm not sad they wasted all that time making something I think looks pretty shit.