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  1. Far Cry 3

    I've put about five hours in and am really liking it. It's definitely video game-y, moreso than 2, but it hits the Arkham City/Assassin's Creed pleasure centers in my brain. I've found the glider to be my favorite part of the game. Transitioning from gunfire and explosions to peacefully gliding above a beautiful island landscape is so relaxing and pleasant. I would happily trade fast traveling for a network of glider-equipped towers.
  2. Idle Thumbs 69: I Had a Gleam

    I saw a guy at QuakeCon wearing the Oculus Rift and it looked like the silliest thing in the whole world, with his head just swaying back and forth, a controller in his hand, and the biggest grin I've ever seen on his face. Maybe the grin should indicate that the Oculus is awesome, but I'm maybe just a little too self conscious? Also, I get annoyed every time I have to take off headphones to get up from my desk, I can't imagine having to decouple my brain from this future screen every time I had to take the dog out or pee.
  3. Hello Mr. Tobacco,

    I would please like permission to build in the Idle Motorcycle Club. My username there is JetAwesome.

    A good day to you, sir,


  4. Fuck Steve, grats Steve 3.

    Two things: First: oh my God am I ever excited about the prospect of the return of the return of (The) Idle Thumbs Podcast. Sure, it would be great if Nick and Steve could be on it, but Chris, Jake and Famous are all awesome and funny and would be awesome together again, plus they would retain the three person dynamic present in the first iteration of the podcast. Second: I was the one who wrote the reader letter that explained my confusion of Steve's nickname, so seeing Rodi's post of "Two Hot Scoops" made me inordinately happy.
  5. Magicka

    A friend bought this for me and another friend last night and we played for a couple of hours. I fell in love with the style of the game immediately, but the highlight is the prevalence of friendly-fire deaths and "Aww, fuck, sorry man"s that came out of our playtime. I'm glad that I got it free, and that it was cheap for my friend to buy during the Steam sale, but boy am I regretting not buying it at launch.
  6. Wizaaaaaards!!

    It was established that Jake was born in 1980, and I'm inclined to say that he was the oldest of the members (not to be offensive, or anything, I just always got that sense by his constant acknowledgement of his age), so I'm assuming that Nick was born at the very earliest around 1980, but probably closer to '82.
  7. Wizaaaaaards!!

    Friends, let me spin you a tale about the movie The Wizard. I know, I know, we all know about this movie and its obvious connection to Idle Thumbs, but there's an underlying theme to that movie, and the very narrative of Idle Thumbs that points to a larger conspiracy: 1989: The Wizard is released in theaters. 2004: Idle Thumbs is created. 2008: Idle Thumbs is resurrected as a podcast about video games. It is hosted by Chris Remo, Jake Rodkin, and Nick Breckon. 2009: Nick Breckon leaves Idle Thumbs (and ShackNews) to begin work at Bethesda. 2010: Bethesda publishes Fallout: New Vegas. As most of you know, the story arc in The Wizard involves a kid, Jimmy a.k.a. The Wizard, who has extreme trauma-induced aspergers after his sister tragically dies. His most vivid memories of his sister are from a family vacation to the Cabazon Dinosaurs. In Fallout: New Vegas, there is a town called NoVac that is centered around a large, hollow, Tyrannosaurus Rex which houses a gift shop, not at all dissimilar from the gift shop housed inside of a large, hollow, Apatosaurus in which Jimmy flees to at the end of The Wizard. On its face, this connection isn't too crazy either, but come see what clue lies within the credits for The Wizard: Power Glove Advisor: NOVAK Ladies, Gentlemen, I conjecture that this plan has been building since Nick Breckon was a small 9 year old, fascinated with Nintendo propaganda film The Wizard. If y'all would like to give me a grant, I would be happy to spend the next year combing through every frame of the movie and every second of the podcast to find more connections. Addendum: Could the dinosaurs of Cabazon/NoVac tie into the Jeff Goldblum's role as Ian Malcom in the movies Jurassic Park and The Lost World: Jurassic Park? More research needs to be done! Addendum number 2: Fred Savage (who starred in The Wizard) also directed three episodes of the TV show Wizards of Waverly Place as well as producing an episode of Phil of the Future titled "Where's the Wizard?". COINCIDENCE?!?
  8. I totally clicked your links, excited to see a Jedi Wampa. Color me disappointed.
  9. A Rudimentary Poll: PC or Consoles and your gaming background

    I beat GTA:3 at least twice with mouse and keyboard, but haven't quite felt it going back. As with Just Cause 2, I think that once I've played through a game with a controller it's hard for me to re-wire my brain to a different control scheme. I played about an hour of Just Cause 2 with mouse and keyboard today, it was nice on foot but I did have troubles with piloting aircraft.
  10. Did Thumbs on the whole kill running jokes, or did Scoops end running jokes? I think it is our patriotic Thumberican duty to keep running jokes running. Like QWOP. Goldblum4Life.
  11. A Rudimentary Poll: PC or Consoles and your gaming background

    Hmm, maybe I'll give it another try. It was the helicopter controls that really threw me for loops, I felt like I was playing hand twister to get off the ground, or descend, or bank. Also, before I bought my PC I had put about 50 hours into the game across the 360 and PS3, so the controller just feels "right."
  12. Metro 2033?

    I did the turn-out-the-lights thing with the Thief games back in the day. Come to think of it, I suppose those were equally oppressive and isolating, but perhaps the increased graphical fidelity is what's proving different in 2033. I had a similar experience with Dead Space where I kept thinking to myself "I just wanna get off this fucking spaceship" and finally I said "Wait, I can" and ejected the disc. I definitely like Metro 2033 enough to not do the same thing to it, but I'm afraid that I'll just never get around to beating it.
  13. A Rudimentary Poll: PC or Consoles and your gaming background

    Yeah, I'm playing through Just Cause 2 and the GTA Episodes on the PC right now with a 360 controller. I'm pretty sure that it would be impossible to actually beat Just Cause 2 with a mouse and keyboard.
  14. Metro 2033?

    I bought Metro 2033 during the THQ sale the other week and I'm loving it, but I'm having troubles actually wanting to play it. I think this feeling was mentioned on the podcast, but it's just hard for me to willingly jump into such a dark and oppressive environment. I played for an hour or two the other day and when I turned it off I felt a huge wave of relief pour over me. I realized that I had been barely breathing for the past few minutes and all my muscles were tense. I may be acting slightly overdramatic, and I definitely love what the game is doing, but it's hard for me to play more than an hour or two every few days.
  15. A Rudimentary Poll: PC or Consoles and your gaming background

    I have my PC set up to plug into my TV so I can sit on my couch and game. The couch probably isn't as conducive to PC gaming as it is console gaming, but it's not too shabby. I do use a trackball mouse, though, so I guess if you use a standard mouse (and really I'm probably the only crazy person who doesn't) couch gaming would be more difficult. I also have a monitor hiding on a desk behind my TV so if my wife is watching her stories I can still play games. It's nice.
  16. "I'm going off a sweet space ramp!" QLyz4tTVfo4
  17. A Rudimentary Poll: PC or Consoles and your gaming background

    I too grew up pretty poor; my dad was a carpenter who worked from home and my mom didn't work for most of my childhood. We never had a game console, I think my mom widely frowned upon video games, but if we had enough money we would rent a Nintendo console the week before Christmas. We almost never had enough money, though, so I think we only did it about three Christmases, and I'm pretty sure those weren't sequential. Besides playing SNES at my neighbor's house, I played very little console games as a kid. When I was about eight or so we somehow managed to get a PC (I think a Tandy 286) and we would connect to a BBS run by the local newspaper. Through the BBS I would download crazy free games like Gorillas and Snake for QBasic and at some point even learned how to program really simple QBasic programs. I'm not sure if the computer we had was just antiquated or if it was the norm at the time (I'm guessing around 1993, my childhood memories are kind of a scramble), but we had a two-tone computer monitor and I was super-fluent in DOS. Here's a picture of me from that time period: At probably around 13 or 14 we got a better computer and I got into more graphically oriented games, sinking countless hours into Age or Empires and a lot of the Sim games, including SimCity, SimCopter, and Streets of SimCity (fuck the haters, I loved that game). I pretty much continued to be a PC gamer until about 2003 or so, I played a ton of the Thief 1 and 2, Max Payne, the Sims, and Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, I even managed to play and beat the Blade Runner adventure game, though I never played a LucasArts adventure game until I started listening to Idle Thumbs. In 2001 my parents inherited a bit of money and I got a laptop, which was the beginning of the end of my PC gaming. Since I couldn't upgrade my laptop's graphics card, I was soon left pretty far behind current game minimum specs and by 2003 I was completely dependent upon consoles for all my gaming needs. I really put the nail in the coffin when I became a Mac guy about five years ago. I've managed to slowly accumulate all the consoles from the past two generations, so I didn't really think twice about abandoning PC gaming until I started listening to GFW Radio back in the 2008, and became really convinced to get into PC gaming when I started listening to Thumbs about a year ago. I bought myself a pretty bitchin' gaming PC in late June, and now I'm pretty solidly converted back to being a PC gamer. During the Steam sale I bought a ton of games, a good number of which I already owned for console, and sold off a few of my console copies. So, yeah, I'm the prodigal son of PC gaming.
  18. By the way, I'm the guy who bought the new gaming PC and slowly fell in love with Far Cry 2. After adding it all up, I only spent 120 dollars on games, not 400. I happened to buy my computer on the same day that huge Steam sale started, so I got 15 games for an average of $8 bucks apiece. Buying a PC is just about the best thing I've ever done, it's crazy how much I prefer the mouse and keyboard, even though I've barely used it as a control scheme since 2002.
  19. His first name is just Max, but his middle name is Well. It's weird.
  20. It worked out well 'cause the only picture of a boat related calendar I could find was of March (also 2009, but whatever). Of course I put that tugboat in there since no one will actually ever make a tugboat-centric calendar.
  21. Limbo

    A friend and I played through it today and we both loved it. The art style is extraordinary (as has been clear since '06), and the puzzles and platforming are great. Though the jumping isn't as familiar as Braid's (read: Mario), I still felt like it was surprisingly responsive and easy to get the hang of. On the subject of interpretation, at one point I remarked that, while people read a lot that wasn't there into Braid, Limbo seems like a game that is begging for broad interpretation.
  22. No one's gonna hire me to design game boxes anytime soon.
  23. Red Dead Redemption

    I'm sure for much the same reason they called it Far Cry 2: name recognition. Not to mention that, historically, two video games by the same company of similar subject matter often share names. I mean, GTA: San Andreas doesn't share anything with the original GTA as far as characters or even location go, but they're similar enough in spirit that one can be considered the sequel to the other. Of course, Revolver wasn't open world, but I think it'd be silly if RockStar just called it "Happy Fun Horse Time: Old West Murder Simulator." Speaking of horses, the horses in this game look better than in any video game I've ever seen.
  24. Red Dead Redemption

    The new Life in the West trailer looks pretty awesome. Some highlights:
  25. God of War

    After I submitted that last post, I kept remembering boss battles and thinking "Wow, that was pretty awesome." or "Oh, man, I forgot about that Hades fight." I played the game over four days, and finished it less than a week ago, you'd think that I would remember it better than I do.