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  1. Working my way through Day 2 of their E3 stuff. Jeff is a great host and I've enjoyed all of their talk so far but the segments with the guests almost feel too professional compared to prior years.  I know you still get the staff during the impressions portion but part of me wishes they would have just recorded everything being discussed in the green room during intermissions because those interactions seem like they'd be really interesting.  For example, I really want to know what Sean was saying after his segment and what Austin, Sean, and Jake were all talking about.  And Steve Gaynor with the whiskey?  Good times.


    Also, figure out a way to inject more Vinny whenever possible.


    Agreed. It feels like a roundtable this year, whereas in years past it felt like a bunch of dudes, exhausted, collapsing onto a couch and chatting about whatever their sleep-deprived minds could handle.

  2. It isn't advice, but I go through the same exact anxiety shit w/ regards to texting and I entirely understand how you're feeling. If you figure out a solution, lmk. :P

  3. I envy you all the things you were assigned to read as teenagers. The most interesting thing I got to read at that age was the Importance of Being Earnest. Oh and we read the first Harry Potter book for some reason.

    Earnest is a perfect play in my opinion. What a brilliant piece of writing.

  4. The monster game doesn't seem to be working for me, which I assume is because the servers are wrecked.

    I waiting to see if Kentucky Route Zero goes on sale so I can buy copies of it for my friends and force them to play it.

    I'll be that friend if you're asking.

  5. Actually, that's something that has bugged me in each of the Beastcast episodes so far -- in each one they get a fact wrong, asserting it as true, and never double-check. The most recent example was saying that MW3 was the CoD game with the dog, when in fact it was Ghosts. It's a little thing, but it's happened in each episode so far and each time it has bugged me.

  6. You're breaking my brain, Malcolm. I definitely agree that the Red Room is timeless... and maybe you're right. I think it would be *incredibly* interesting for the new series of TP to start with the red room scene from S1E3, but reshot with the actors today -- suggesting that it's happening now, and Cooper of S1 actually does visit his future self in order to get the information of the killer from Laura.

  7. Oh jeez, I didn't even see that people had replied to this!


    Just thought I'd let you all know that it's now 2 months away, and I just managed my first 50 mile ride on Monday. Wasn't too bad, so I'm feeling pretty confident about the 100 :)


    Has anybody else done anything like a marathon, a bike ride, swim, iron man etc. for charity?

  8. I think part of my cold response is that I've been so conditioned by the increasingly codified art of trailering for maximum effect. I kept thinking it was building toward something dramatic, but it was just the same mishmash of dogs and people and robots and critters walkin' around and the camera tracking, and then it was over.


    No *whump* sounds while it cuts to black and then shows a bunch of quick cuts of crazy shit and then silence and *BWAAAAAAMP*. I realize these cliches are horrible, but they totally work on me, and just showing off your cool game world for a minute used to be all I needed to get psyched!


    On the other hand, I love their latest Doom thing: 


    It's, like, a couple seconds of a revenant stomping around, and I'm like "oh shii-" 


    That Doom thing reminds me so much of this dumb shit:


  9. Well, I'm at least glad that there's someone else out there who sees the Star Wars series as "6 ok movies" rather than "3 works of genius and three abominations".


    I see them as six kinda shitty movies, so I'm glad we're in agreement that they're all the same.

  10. I just finished watching Kingsman and sorely needed that movie. What a bunch of silly fun.


    As I said on Twitter too, I think that church scene may have just overtaken the scene from Blues Brothers as my favourite movie church scene.


    (Also: GREAT use of Freebird.)

  11. I totally understand what you're saying - I think - and I think I agree with the possible hypothesis that people look through the lens of "A David Lynch product" in order to view it more positively. As someone who, before now, had no knowledge of David Lynch's work (in fact, ALWAYS confusing the name with David Fincher), I think my lack of familiarity with Lynch and general willingness to accept TP on its own terms is why I (infamously?) don't hate S2Pt2 so much.

    Or at least, why I didn't on my initial watch (I couldn't do the one episode a week thing, I had too much free time). Especially having read LITM's analyses, and having kept up with the podcast, I've started to approach TP as an object of analytical interest - wherein it's clear to me now that I have no right in having enjoyed Windom Earle's goofy antics. :P

    What you're describing though, seriously, sounds to me like Clifford Geertz's models of and for reality. It's heady stuff, but basically breaks down into: theoretically, there is an objective reality - one we can never truly see or understand because we see everything through filters. In order to understand how a waterfall falls, we create a model of reality (I.e. Constructing a theory of fluid dynamics); in order to build a dam, we use that theory of fluid dynamics to understand the necessary dimensions etc in order to build an effective dam (a model for reality).

    To bring that around to Lynch and TP - the name lynch is a lens through which people view FWWM and the non-lynch TP. In his post TP work, he has created a model of reality which those familiar with his work will look through. Simply by having the Lynch name attached, it's impossible to see anything else. You notice it a lot in the podcast as well, where Chris and Jake mention a director "trying a very lynch technique".

    TLDR: So yes: I think Lynch's name helps people look past the dodgy bits.