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  1. 8 hours ago, Sloane said:

    So, uh, is there any reason the podcasts stopped entirely? I know they all moved and just might not have time for it but going from weekly podcasts to not commenting at all (?) on Idle Thumbs' future for half a year feels so weird.


    Anyway, if this was actually it, thanks for everything!


    I'm sure there is a reason, but it's not been communicated.

  2. 1 hour ago, marginalgloss said:

    New trailer with actual gameplay is out.


    Looks...quite good? Like they've welded the combat from DOOM to a generic openworld postapocalyptic world, with a light seasoning of the colour scheme from Splatoon. Plus points for Andrew WK.


    51 minutes ago, Henke said:

    Yeah, I was not expecting to give a shit about a new Rage, but that looks like a really good time!


    Yeah, I watched it purely out of boredom and surprisingly enjoyed it. I think my favourite bit was when he shot the dude and continued juggling him with bullets in the air. I legitimately laughed aloud.

  3. 14 hours ago, N1njaSquirrel said:

    Messing about isn't the main reason, it's more that I've been super busy this last month with house buying, and also over Christmas time I'll be on holiday, so I won't be able to police my dms as much! If people want it I can set it up, that's no problem!


    Also I haven't been on the forums as much as work has been cracking down on non work internet usage. That and the boss can see my screen XD

    Well I’m glad you didn’t get messed about! Good luck w everything; sounds like a busy time :P

  4. 2 hours ago, brkl said:

    My biggest problem with the finale is that going back in time to save Laura is an obvious folly and I don't buy Cooper trying to do that. 


    I do, quite easily. I think Cooper is a tremendously flawed character, and so far has failed to save Maddie, Annie (if she exists barf), and if he could see from the black lodge BadCoop’s actions, then also Audrey and Diane... he believes that by saving Laura he can save his world. 

  5. A thing that just occurred to me that feels very emotionally resonant is the Giant/Fireman in S2: “It is happening again. Cooper’s crushing defeat and realisation in that moment feels so similar to the finale here, too. Cooper literally could’ve saved Maddie (have we all forgotten her? It seems like it) because he was in Twin Peaks at the time. Maybe that’s why he’s so obsessed with the idea of going back to try and save Laura.