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  1. Even just seeing that YouTube-selected still gives me the creeps.
  2. Something that's related to all of this, but I don't know if it's been discussed yet (and yes I know it's not FWWM specifically) - Donna sees Bob creeping towards her, right? Or is that Maddy? Why doesn't he take her that time?
  3. I totally understand what you're saying - I think - and I think I agree with the possible hypothesis that people look through the lens of "A David Lynch product" in order to view it more positively. As someone who, before now, had no knowledge of David Lynch's work (in fact, ALWAYS confusing the name with David Fincher), I think my lack of familiarity with Lynch and general willingness to accept TP on its own terms is why I (infamously?) don't hate S2Pt2 so much. Or at least, why I didn't on my initial watch (I couldn't do the one episode a week thing, I had too much free time). Especially having read LITM's analyses, and having kept up with the podcast, I've started to approach TP as an object of analytical interest - wherein it's clear to me now that I have no right in having enjoyed Windom Earle's goofy antics. What you're describing though, seriously, sounds to me like Clifford Geertz's models of and for reality. It's heady stuff, but basically breaks down into: theoretically, there is an objective reality - one we can never truly see or understand because we see everything through filters. In order to understand how a waterfall falls, we create a model of reality (I.e. Constructing a theory of fluid dynamics); in order to build a dam, we use that theory of fluid dynamics to understand the necessary dimensions etc in order to build an effective dam (a model for reality). To bring that around to Lynch and TP - the name lynch is a lens through which people view FWWM and the non-lynch TP. In his post TP work, he has created a model of reality which those familiar with his work will look through. Simply by having the Lynch name attached, it's impossible to see anything else. You notice it a lot in the podcast as well, where Chris and Jake mention a director "trying a very lynch technique". TLDR: So yes: I think Lynch's name helps people look past the dodgy bits.
  4. Cool good job guys I'm glad we solved the mystery of twin peaks, see you next year
  5. Dude, I freaking love it. Thank you so much. One thing that grabbed me in your long post though - when you say that the red room is a place that Bob does not control. What do you think about the contrast between the red room in Cooper's initial dream - a very slow, methodical, (weird), safe space wherein he learns of Laura's killer - and the horrific hellhole that is seen in the series finale? Is it possible that Windom Earle's interference is what led Bob into the space, and therefore corrupted it, or am I overlooking the stuff where Mike and Bob come from the same place, i.e. the red room/black lodge too much?
  6. Is it actually akin to Twin Peaks? I hear conflicting reports but am curious enough to start watching if you say it's good!
  7. Life

    Best of luck, Azniac! I think the key thing is to remember that they wouldn't hire you if they didn't want you there. I have this all the time as an actor - the sense of dread and of not-belonging - but then I remember that I was cast for a reason: because I suit the role. It's the exact same thing with any job! If you are still really nervous, take your boss aside at some stage and say "Hey, look, I'm feeling a little insecure - could you promise me that, if I start going down the wrong path, you'll tell me that I am so that I can fix it?"
  8. Life

    Doctor Dibs. What a name.
  9. Twin Peaks Discussion

    18 new episodes: I'm not sure about this. 9 sounded cool. I could've stretched to 12. By them pushing for 18... I fear it could be diluted and awful.
  10. I think, in answer to the first part, it's that Leland and the doppelgänger switched just before Leland's death. As for the second part... I don't know. Maybe I'm too sympathetic? Throughout, I've only ever seen Leland as a victim
  11. I actually took that as confirmation that Bob has been there for far longer than simply the previous few weeks. Actually, here's a question: I've only watched the entire run once and so haven't really been looking at the more subtle hints throughout (if they exist, which they may or may not) - How much of this do you think is Leland's fault, and how much is solely Bob? If Leland is trapped in the Black Lodge, surely that suggests it's entirely Bob committing these awful acts (in much the same way I think most would agree that the Cooper at the end of S2 is not Cooper at all)...
  12. That's true, I did. It's entirely not the same show as S1, but I enjoyed putting it on and watching it.
  13. I was a first-time watcher, but I raced through the second half of the second season so can't really accurately answer your questions anymore!
  14. Have you seen Fire Walk With Me or The Missing Pieces?
  15. Game theory/studies (academic) reading group

    Homo ludens - Johan Huizinga is basically the first book on any such reading list. Do that one, it's brilliant.
  16. Twin Peaks Discussion

    Why does that make you sad Jake? Maybe it's 12, maybe 10. I very much doubt it's 22. I genuinely think, from the wording, it'll be a run of 12 episodes telling the final story and boom.
  17. Twin Peaks Discussion

    You really should. You can kind of have the penultimate ep in the background while playing on your phone or something, but the finale and the movie are pure, terrifying Twin Peaks. Super good.
  18. Lost in the Movies, I just watched your episode on the final episode of Twin Peaks. Obviously, brilliant work and bravo. Your passion and love for the series is so abundantly clear and incredible. Also, fuck it's 11,45pm and I choose to watch that. Twin Peaks is seriously the only show to make my going to sleep a nightmare.
  19. Spoiler Q + A because I think just reacting to it gives a shit-tonne away.
  20. Nintendo 3DS

    Why are they outside Peach's castle from Super Mario 64?
  21. I agree, but not in place of Nick. Nick needs to be on more, the busy bastard.
  22. Star Wars VII - Open spoilers

    This looks like a Star Wars movie. To quote Queen, Jaws was never my scene, and I don't like Star Wars.