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  1. Thank you!! I hope The Final Dossier talks about her some more.
  2. Weird! I know I’m just lazywebbing the hell out of this, but we don’t see him say How’s Annie, right? There are 0 mentions to annie in this season?
  3. I don’t understand that last bit. I guess I don’t even remember that scene being in the Return??
  4. Theyre definitely a light blue!
  5. WHAT IF BOB is the evil that men do.... anf Judy is the evil that women do???? 🤔🤔🤔🤔 (my brain cannot stop thinking about that finale and occasionally spits out dumb shit like the above but I laughed at my own stupidity so thought y’all might too)
  6. @Jake, I also believed that when Cole talks about his secret task force with Coop and Briggs, he was talking (unknowingly) about BadCoop. That then makes sense as to why BadCoop is chasing after Judy.
  7. I kinda see where this is coming from, except we don't see any suggestion of BOB in Richard, but he's definitely there in BadCoop.
  8. I agree with the first part here, yeah: if it was a part of the Fireman's plan, he would have let Cooper take him into the red room (I guess that's where they were going, back to Glastonbury Grove?) And that second part, I don't think is correct: I think that is literally just Lynch playing with expectations and creating tension.
  9. Time to see if there’s Mrs Tremond in any of the roadhouse scenes... (not me tho, can I lazyweb that?)
  10. I think this is exactly right, and linked into why some of the effects in the show are “bad” and why some are seamless - he’s trying to evoke feelings and emotions, even if it doesn’t always make literal sense. I personally found the Freddie/BOB fight incredible tense and thrilling, despite the schlocky effects, for example. I knew it was ridiculous and yet I was completely under its spell.
  11. Nor do I, really, but my girlfriend noted straight away when ‘Coop’ left the room into Glastonbury grove that he seemed different. What if it was a different Coop? What if his promise to Janey-E and Sonny Jim was honest, when he said he’d come home to them?
  12. Hey you all. Remember how happy and GoodCoop-like Dougie was when getting home? Hugging his wife and kid and saying “Home”? And how muted Coop was in his quest to save Laura? How, perhaps, Diane-tulpa-like? What if Coop did the first selfish thing in his life and created a Tulpa to continue his life in the FBI, and he went to live the life he never had with Janey-E and Sonny Jim? JUST SAYIN
  13. He isn't the Dale Cooper from S1/2 or S3 E16/17 though. I agree with you that he *is* the same physical being, but I don't think he is the same person.
  14. But it isn't Twin Peaks. That's how I read it: this is an alternate world/reality, where nothing is the same: not even Cooper.
  15. I... kinda hope it doesn’t happen. I adored the whole experience of S3, but whomever it was that said it was right: how the hell can you continue a show that was gone for 25 years? And then just pick it up a season later as if nothing has happened? I like the idea of the end signifying the futility of Cooper’s quest, really: the good in him wants to change the past, and save Laura. But he can’t, he never can. I felt the entire scene where his face is transposed over the moving image was inside his head, and felt that supported by “We live inside a dream.” that, I think, is cooper’s flaw: he lives inside a dream world, where you can save the life of a dead girl. That’s the second tragedy, the inability to change the past. The past may dictate the future, but it cannot be changed.
  16. And Cooper’s line from the superimposed face: “We live inside a dream.” It really did seem like a dream, with everyone there, one big happy family.
  17. I was CONVINCED it would turn out to be the actor who played Audrey’s husband.
  18. I feel not enough theories are taking into account the backwards-playing band in the purple room at the very end of the episode, under the credits.
  19. It actually said Bing's in the Sheriff Station.
  20. (Same, to be honest. But on the off chance we’re wrong, I’m making that crazy prediction!)
  21. I’m sticking to the idea that her spirit is in mouth-bleeding man.
  22. I mean, it also tracks with BOB being 'the evil that men do', I think - he is your id, unshackled.
  23. What if mouth-bleeding man is Billy, but Diane is inhabiting Billy ala Coop inhabiting Dougie????
  24. Just in relation to the podcast’s suggestion that DougieCoop and Diane are surprising in relation to one another as both tulpas: I think the thing that was forgotten is that, pre-coop, dougie had a normal, quiet, boring life. Wife and kid and a job. He wasn’t always a Mr Magoo - just a quiet dude with odd tendencies.
  25. I believe that’s the case, though I’m not sure if it’s Mike so much as it is the unconscious will of the lodge to aid him in his times of need. If Cooper comes back at all (I’m beginning to think he may not) then I think he will be left to his own fate. I think that for badcoop to die/return to the lodge, dale must live, so its in the red room’s interests to keep him alive.