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  1. Life

    I'm feeling very down today. A combination of things: I haven't spoken to a girl I've been seeing in almost a week now (she's on vacation with her mum in Scotland) and I'm worried that her silence is meant as an indication that things aren't going to progress any further between us; I just received a No from drama school, which bums me out as I got through to the final round last year but something has changed, and I've done poorly in all my auditions this year; I'm also exhausted from work, and I don't know. I don't sleep well.
  2. Life

    Bright, colourful book. Always a good choice. Even if she can't read it yet, it's a good idea.
  3. Twin Peaks Discussion

    When I first read Lynch's statement, it did sound a bit like a hardcore negotiation tactic.
  4. EGX Rezzed: March 2015

    I'm not currently booked to go, but now that it's in London I might try and get a cheeky last minute ticket...
  5. Movie/TV recommendations

    I think a good example of Oscar bait - that failed - this year was The Judge. Didn't stop me from thoroughly enjoying that movie though.
  6. Life

    I work too much, but I'm making decent money so that's good.
  7. I remember Jake complaining one episode that a reader had suggested this title for the previous episode, and he wished they had thought of it to use it. Now. Here we are. Nearly 200 episodes later and you have your wish, Mr Rodkin.
  8. In response to the new thread title: I like Dan a lot, and now listen to the bombast weekly since his introduction.
  9. Life

    I had £38 stolen from my apron at work when I left it overnight and it bums me out.
  10. Star Wars VII - Open spoilers

    I'm not entirely convinced by Gary Whitta's writing ability, particularly based on The Walking Dead Episode 4, but I'm willing to be proved wrong!
  11. Life

    Apologies? What have you got to apologise for? "I'm sorry ma'am, but you're raising an average kid."
  12. I think the only real hater is Jeff, who wasn't on this week (fortunately. It meant we could go the whole segment without a single "yeah but MM is shit anyway").
  13. Life

    Andrew Yoon, of Shacknews, Joystiq, PSPFanboy, and most recently of the upcoming board game Divorce! died yesterday in a tragic swimming accident while visiting friends in Austin. I am immeasurably saddened by this for numerous reasons, mostly because he was a dear friend to some of my own dear friends, and I would have liked to have met him. His presence of podcasts (especially Weekend Confirmed) showed him to be a delightful man, sparkling with wit and intelligence. It also touches a subject very close to my heart: swimming. I've been a swimmer all my life, and even I am a little unnerved by natural pools with no lifeguards. I've had cramp before, I've had bouts of dizziness - dealing with those in that environment would be incredibly tough. It's just such a shame - the local news reports describe as a poor swimmer - who knows the extent to which that is true - but it does reinforce in me how vitally important swim teaching (my job) and water safety really is. The worst can happen to the best of us, and it really is immeasurably sad.
  14. I was lucky enough to catch a special, limited edition MM N3DS XL. I am stupidly excited.
  15. Yeah, it occurred to me that every episode of this show is essentially one day. Only a few episodes from now is there a specific "Three days later" screen. Kinda crazy.
  16. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

    Where is here? Canada??
  17. Hey, thanks for being kind and titling the spoiler boxes for idiots like me!! It's genuinely appreciated.
  18. Actually, It's about Relocation in Games Journalism

    My main issue is that, in his intro post for Kotaku, he mentions breaking a story - acknowledging it was first reported by another, smaller site: "Credit where it's due." Mentioning that it exists in the nebula of the Internet is not giving it credit. Naming it and linking is giving it credit. Maybe that's just my academia showing, and we need not cite everything in real life; but to mention credit without offering any is a real slap in the face in my opinion.
  19. Games giveaway

    Just want to say: holy shit you guys are some generous bastards and I love you all.
  20. Movie/TV recommendations

    As I *keep* telling people, Mark Rylance is one of the world's greatest living actors - his stage work is simply sublime. Him as Cromwell is a brilliantly exciting casting, and goddamn you will be amazed by him.
  21. Other podcasts

    ... Oh bugger.
  22. Other podcasts

    I'm actually reasonably sure Robin Ince has an arts degree; I believe in English Literature, though I might be mistaken. And yes, Dr. Brian Cox was in D:REAM, band behind the wonderfully catchy Things Can Only Get Better.