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  1. Hoisted

    Fnb that lpb...
  2. Hoisted

    Thought the thumbs would appreciate this, I decided to put hoisted in my game for when a player explodes. its staying in too ps: thumbs should give me permission to possible use the recordings of threm saying hoisted when the text appears really confuse players
  3. [Game Alpha] Ultraball

    In rocket league fashion been developing HUD icon/notifications for events. Some just to indicate status changes and others to pop up like player a -icon- player b like tf2 or cs would indicate a player killing another etc
  4. [Game Alpha] Ultraball

    I never really had a chance to post much media on where this is at archived recording of my brother and I messing around with latest build. It is intended for more then one on one however but so you can see the game in action
  5. [Game Alpha] Ultraball

    Hi thumbs I've finally got a east coast server operating to alpha test. this game is in ue4, mix of soccer and dodgeball. Looking for feedback it'll be a free game.
  6. Need opinions on my game

    Hey thumbs, dunno if anyone ventures into the game dev area but I posted a alpha to my game and looking for opinions.
  7. Gibball - looking for help (free project)

    Added vicinity radar Added chat box Bugs: 1. Sound replication 2. Name tags showing wrong name 3. Chatbox is not globally "in game" accessible 4. Chatbox can lock controller from gui if talking before a goal or death. Implementation to do: 1. Steam toggle 2. Proper Esc menu 3. Announcer sounds 4. Other sound effects 5. Change kick on sprint to be active but stop sprint. 6. Rep notify points 7. Ball trails Suggestions: 1. Slow down ball 2. Goal sound too loud. 3. Volley charge. 4. Slow rolling ball down. 5. Tone down shield effect Playable over steam with host/client model until things are squared away for a dedicated server build. Forum for feedback Note: The ue4 package often gives a false positive for AV software. Investigating how to correct this.
  8. Gibball - looking for help (free project)

    So I have started sharing a private alpha... You'll need to message me your email for a link. There are some know bugs and much to be added still and fixed. Note multiplayer is currently just a player hosted server over steam which is laggy depending on player distance and hardware. Bugs: 1. Team select pops up on all players at join. 2. End game on overtime pops up at goal and post countdown. 3. Sound replication Implementation to do: 1. Kill HUD 2. Goal HUD 3. Steam toggle 4. Chat box 5. Esc menu 6. Announcer sounds 7. Other sound effects Suggestions: 1. Slow down ball 2. Boost might not be working all the time 3. Goal sound too loud. :>
  9. Gibball - looking for help (free project)

    Sorry for the late response. I've been going into testing the multiplayer and have been running into some problems. So kind of on a halt. Currently if you start hosting a game and someone connects the client who connects, if they disconnect and try and reconnect they get a black screen. Alternatively. If the host disconnects from their hosted game and try's to start a new game it never loads. Something with the network subsystem perhapse is not cleaning up. So been working in a fresh barebones project to make sure I get a handle on this before proceeding as I need the game to work as easy as you host or join and can come and go as you please without these game restarts needed Very new to making games but it's been a good learning experience!
  10. Gibball - looking for help (free project)

    Yeah I want to green light it mostly just to use the subsystem network player / for server browsing. Being a multiplayer dependent game couldn't imagine being a game ppl pay for.
  11. Hey thumbs. I don't post much but having watched many of the recent wizard jam thought I'd see if any fellow thumbs are interested in helping. Eventually I will be releasing a free game on steam. It's s sports arcade game. Like soccer. Some people may be familiar with some influences such as deathball. Basically the idea is. Physics based you hit a ball into a goal like soccer or hockey. Cept you can't be hit by the ball like dodgeball or you die and respawn etc.. I wouldn't come open like this if I couldn't point out a lot of base work is done. Just having worked solo I can't be the master of everything from ui to animation to sound design etc.. In any case curious if anyone wants to help. I'm using ue4 I have a background in coding. So this has been 99% blueprint based. anywho sorry for a post like this but ue4 community is great by they all want to make a leet sniper game etc.. So figured my favorite podcast community might have some ppl curious enough to help Ps Chris Remo.. I used to be a music writer of sorts.. One of my favorite bands is stabbing westward when I first found idle thumbs I though you sounded like the vocalist go figure his name is Chris. Gg chaps.
  12. Supraball, err Suprathumbs?

    Hey all Thought some of you fellow thumbs would enjoy a game thats currently free in alpha. Trailer: Gameplay Footage: Think of it like Lacross with the ability to knock out other players, and use a Quad jump when friendly players hit you to fly across the map at great speed, theres a lot more to it, but i'm just summing it up
  13. Maniac Mansion 3D

    No4UTHQNRrA So today I was sitting at my desk feeling particularly nostalgic, and thought hey, maniac mansion was one of my most favorite games, it'd be pretty amazing if someone remade the game in a art style like that of Castle Crashers or something. so I googled up maniac mansion remakes and stumbled upon this one that is being developed by Vampyre Games. Thus Far it looks pretty good, its been in development since 2008. This makes me very happy. ^.^ Kinda wish tell-tale was leading this project.
  14. Critical Hit on my Heart

    has your heart been feeling empty with the recent drought in songs by Boost Remo? well, this is an old amusing song I came across on the interweb. I'm amused.