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  1. CUMULARITY 1 Used from $39.95
  2. I'd like to be whitelisted as well - username is hovercastle. Thanks!
  3. Is the server running any mods?
  4. Dota Today 1: QOP Top and POTM Bottom

    Holy moly. I can't wait for the 6.78 changes to come across into Dota 2: Oh someone already posted them. Disregard
  5. Dota Today 1: QOP Top and POTM Bottom

    This is great news. I love the show already and I've just started listening! The URL is which worked in Instacast if that's useful.
  6. I'm looking for some cool people to dote with. Are there many/any Aussie/SEA players in this thread/steam group?
  7. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hell I'm introducing myself as well. I've been lurking on these forums for ages, but I only registered two years ago. I discovered Idle Thumbs after seeing of Chris reading out that weird Batman thing (which is still one of my favourite thumbs moments) and have been a strong follower ever since.I live in Sydney, Australia and can't stop playing Dota 2 even though my backlog is slowly getting more and more insurmountable. sup SA buddy. I lurk in YOSPOS.