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  1. WIZARD JAM X - Welcome Thread

    Has anyone previously used or is planning to use Dreams to make a game for the jam?
  2. Mice for gamers.

    It is quite noticeable. I thought it would be a gimmick at first, but I have come to appreciate it more with time.
  3. Movie/TV recommendations

    I, too, enjoyed that movie. And about anything with Hugh Jackman in it. Including the X-Men: Origins Wolverine demo.
  4. Flotilla

    My favorite thing about this game is the music.
  5. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello! I am new, today. Just saying hi. Love the pod, and the cast. And especially the forum banner.
  6. Books, books, books...

    Currently reading more of Lee Child's Jack Reacher series. I think there are about 16 of them and I'm on my 8th. I highly recommend Persuader if you are looking for a good fast mystery about a guy who beats the pulp out of some bad guys. Also, I recently enjoyed The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. Great fantasy, only have to wait for the next two parts of the trilogy now. Next on my list is The Warded Man.
  7. Mice for gamers.

    G5 user here, with 18grams in the adjustable weight cartridge to boot.
  8. Just Cause 2

    I'm excited to try out the demo tomorrow...just 'cause I can. And it looks cool.
  9. I'd love to dive into some Arma 2. I won a copy last year in a pixel art contest and haven't really gotten around to playing it much.
  10. I've only been listening since right before you died and then were reanimated but have enjoyed every juicy minute of it.