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  1. The Moderating Team

    What I find pleasing about the Thumbs forums is that it didn't even occur to me that there was a moderating team. Other forums seem to need a heavy handed approach to keeping the users in order. I can only assume that we are a bunch of nice people.
  2. Idle Thumbs Motorcycle Club

    For some interesting bikes, and bike culture you could do worse that looking at this site. from this, to this.
  3. Idle Thumbs Motorcycle Club

    Visiting a Steam Fair today I spotted this beast (not my pic, but same bike). It occurs to me that steam bikes are step up in danger from the usual 'life in your hands' motorcycling, for one, there appears to be more controls that the average human has hands and feet. more pics here, http://www.vintagebi...eam-motorcycle/
  4. Idle Thumbs Motorcycle Club

    I have a Bandit, can I be a Shitty Wizard?
  5. Formula Thumb

    Also, I'm in it for this! 94IqjbwZbxk
  6. Formula Thumb

    Might struggle this evening for driving shenanigans, my amp has let some smoke out so no sound, the Xbox is unplugged and strewn around the room , and I have my first antenatal class tonight . Might catch you later... S.
  7. GIRP, from the creator of QWOP

    I've done a fair amount of sport climbing and this game really does bring across the problem solving aspect of it, brilliant! I love that you are also performing some keyboard gymnastics with your fingers, aping the dude climbing with his crazy arms and legs.
  8. Hawken, or: Fuck Me, Mech Games Are BACK!

    I've still got a Microsoft Sidewinder in the loft somewhere. Mech driving with force feedback is something special and the hat switch ruled. S.
  9. Life

    My wife makes up for the conventional offspring names in many ways. For example, I have just been treated to a full beat-box rendition of the theme to Thunderbirds. Awesome! For reference. 9vpMy14XiBw
  10. Formula Thumb, The Return.

    That's Toblix in the Revington in the middle, and me backing my Revington out of the shot. Safe to say Wrestle had some cosmetic issues when that thing with the stripes landed.
  11. Life

    Thanks for the best wishes guys, name are a sticky subject at the moment. My boys names list include Barrington and Quatermain. The WIFE isn't impressed.
  12. Life

    Quake2 LAN party, awake for 48 hours battling with sleep bought on by cannabis use and being awake for too long. That was a rough few days recovering from that. I have exciting news, I'm going to be a dad in August this year. I think I'm the happiest man alive at the moment...
  13. Formula Thumb, The Return.

    I have it, I might be able to gift it to you or something...
  14. Formula Thumb, The Return.

    That was much fun, except, I forgot that Patters occasionally falls asleep at the wheel and puts you into a wall at high speed! S.
  15. @Thunderpeel I've set up home just across from your house. My mining operation seems to be right in the middle of your perimeter tunnel at bedrock level, I've put in loads of doors to stop any unwanted things wandering into your shizzle though so hopefully I don't cause you any probs.