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  1. [Dev Log] Passive But Deadly

    Due to family matters, J and I have been unable to work on this game at all. Won't be completing it in time for the Game Jam ending this weekend.
  2. [Dev Log] Passive But Deadly

    It has been a rough week but I managed to get something started. J has convinced me to bite the bullet and go full 3D. (The second time I ever worked in 3D game developement, but the first time I'll actually be dealing with 3D..3D.. not 3D on a 2D plane) Anyhow, this is the room (with temp assets) where the ghost will be. Use black square in the bottom corner (the map) to look around (by clicking any of the 4 corner or 4 sides of the black box). The arrow indicates which way you are facing. http://willoughbyweb.com/jam/ Next step...G-G-G-Ghosts~!
  3. [Dev Log] Passive But Deadly

    I went there for grad school but it has expanded a lot since then. What will you be majoring in? As for my game jam progress...I decided to update Unity from 5.0.1 to 5.3.4... There goes my night... However, we have a basic concept for the game: Talk about a sweet deal. Theobald Aghasterton purchased the old Cadaverous Mansion for a song. Unfortunately, the Cadaverous family ghosts are still there, reliving their favorite past times at night. It is up to young Theobald to make sure the ghosts never get comfortable, because once a ghost relaxes, it's all over. The game itself will probably a little like Five Night At Freddy without all the jump scares (actually, my daughter will probably make me put them in...) meets physics...sort of...maybe Tapper kind of... J is very excited to do the art...so...we shall see what happens...
  4. [Release] Zombie Train Beyond Earth Episode 1

    Sounds like a zombie smashing good time. (Will the poor Nick Breckon be smashable?)
  5. [RELEASE] Doctor DNA

    Looks pretty cool! What are you going to use for an engine? I'm only asking because I always wanted to work with Spriter, but having investigated Spriter/Unity interactions yet.
  6. [RELEASE] Dot Gobbler

    I'm scared... O_O
  7. [Release] World of Blanks

    I absolutely love the idea. I can't wait to see more of it.
  8. [RELEASE] - Rolling with the Pope

    Looks lovely so far.
  9. [Dev Log] Missing Molyneux

    EDIT: Can't seem to embed a Youtube video >_< I remember playing Carmen Sandiego on the Apple IIe in Elementary School... I look forward to...whatever it was that Molynuex knew.... ... (All apologies for that pun...)
  10. [Dev Log] Build the Nublar

    NICE! I look forward to the chaos...
  11. [Dev Log] Passive But Deadly

    It's that time again! (Admittedly, due to ImagineRIT and Mother's Day..I won't be able to start coding/designing on this until Monday ) Instead of just having my older daughter's last minute art assistance (See https://willoughbyjackson.itch.io/swi in any browser but Chrome), she will be helping me throughout the development. Like last time, I did the random Idle Thumbs episode title picker but this time, I didn't choose the first title that came up (which was Idle Thumbs Spoilercast Her Story anyhow), but selected the first title that we both liked. Here are some scrapped ideas: Not The Greatest, But The Best: There is a knight tournament in which you must be....THE TITLE ~! Her vision was too complex for this game jam (and mine was as well) In Space: Alien who was suppose to be invading Earth, but turned out that they really like Earth, so they start sabotage their own invasion mission. She saw it was a visual novel type-game while I saw it more like a hybrid stealth/real time battle game. We finally decided on Passive But Deadly, because of her love of the Five Nights At Freddy Series and the fact I always wanted to do a horror themed game. (Though currently, I'm not sure how scary this will be...) I'm going to be using Unity again, but I'm debating if I should make it 2D (which I am comfortable with) or go full 3D (which could go very wrong, very fast). I've attached the original scans for the art used in The Spectacle was Incredible... because I don't think we'll get any farther on it today.
  12. [Dev log] Dishonored Thanksgiving!

    Nice idea. Anything to fight against this stuff... (The picture below was taken at Home Depot...on October 10th)
  13. [Dev Log and Call for Ideas] A Krampus Karol

    Thinking Twilight is a better vampire tale compared to "that stupid Dracula" Liking Jar Jar Binks Twerking Leaving the concept of milk and the thought of cookies for Santa
  14. Winter Wizard Jolly Jam interest thread

    I had so much fun last time, I definitely (schedule permitting) will be doing it again ~!