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  1. So we find out that Shelley dropped out of the 11th grade. Does that mean Leo was trawling for high school girls? As if we didn't have enough reasons to think he's the biggest piece of shit. Also, the TPPD apparently sent Andy to pick up Leo? I don't see how that would have worked at all if Leo had been home.
  2. I am extremely disappointed with the lack of pigeon discussion on this cast. On the other hand, all the poo discussion did remind me of And how I feel about the internet a lot lately.
  3. Wait, Mike's tattoo says "Mom"? Both times I've heard "Bob."
  4. Ever since the description of James in the last Rewatch episode, I can't help but see how much of a dork he is all the time. Sure Maddy's appearance is shocking, but he just stammers around like a goober for the whole scene! What a dork! Also interesting to have a scene in the school. Real mild spoiler I guess?
  5. As someone who's played way too much Payday 2, it's super adorable to hear them talk so enthusiastically about the basic branch bank heist. A stream would be really neat/tragic!
  6. Albert, despite being one of my favorite characters, bugged me to no end because I know I had seen Miguel Ferrer before in a role with a somewhat similar attitude. A few episodes later, and after racking my brain I realized that he was the villan in the hot 1994 Disney classic "Blank Check." Of course I had to rent it and watch it immediately. It's not too bad, as far as Child Comedies featuring backward baseball cap rad kids go. It also stars Tone Loc, so you know all the hip kids were on board. Anyway, this is the episode that really hooked me. The thought process of Cooper really starts to set in, and we start to see where all these shady deals are headed.
  7. How in the world did no one make a "Shadow of Colossus" joke? I'm also waiting on the hot Namco collaboration "Shadow of Tales of ________" game.
  8. Aww. I've just about finished watching the series for my first time over the last couple months. Still, It'll be interesting to hear stuff that I may have missed.
  9. Apparently Jake has been lying to us all this time.
  10. God, I remember the TLD Lords going berserk and adding a bunch of new TLDs, but some of these are fucking hilarious! video edit: I should not be trusted with a credit card.
  11. I won't lie, I spent a good chunk of that discussion in Jaw's Grasp hoping some one would sneak this one in. But, alas.
  12. I will never stop supporting more Pikmin 2 esports discussion. Someday the San Francisco Marble Championship will happen.
  13. I guess it's an appropriate time to post this: http://Video I meant to slap together a totally radical 90's mock-up of the Thumbs site, but eh I've put it off for weeks now and I haven't made a website in years. So I'll just settle with the redirect.
  14. I guess my wish from last week was granted! Congrats Nick!
  15. I wish Nick Breckon didn't have to leave the cast to take that job in San Francisco. : ( Seriously though, I've been slowly working through the Crusader Kings videos again and I miss him.
  16. That Ford commercial was incredible. I could just see the spacecrates of cargo being slammed down overly hard into the compartments. Even though I loved Freelancer, I've been trying to keep away from the Star Citizen hysteria, but that one commercial just got me really excited. Edit: Oh woah, hot Ultra Boost callbacks. Gotta have that Combo Breaker Crunch Cereal (Why Is It a Cereal?)™
  17. I'd watch an International Pikmin 2 Championship, even if it was just one series of Jake vs. Chris. I just really want there to be some hardcore esports stats & overlays on a Pikmin 2 match. And now for the Phaedrus Inc marble steal of the game!
  18. Jake, that pig noise is adorable. I hope I have a video game dream so I can send it in. I miss the dreamcasts.
  19. Oh my god, I totally thought the White Hat pack was literally a white hat the whole time they were discussing it. I feel so dumb! It just sounds like such a stupid cosmetic preorder thing.
  20. How could you not vote for a shirt called "Weapons Hot"? You're all off my gun cocking team. Idle Weiss does look pretty cool though.
  21. During all the talk about that Civ cinematic compilation, my mind went to Dan Bull's rap version. His videos for other games are pretty hit or miss, but this one does a good job at narrating all the horrible shit humanity has done, as well as the triumphant gorgeous stuff. Kind of catchy, too.
  22. Well, time to add Army of Two: Obama's Heroes to the pile of sweet Idle Thumbs game ideas.
  23. Aw, they missed the Boston Dynamics logo on CyberSteve. Hopefully they noticed before the cast so we can hear more of Jake's nightmares. Good work everyone involved though, holy shit. This was hilarious to follow through confused tweets and wikipedia edits. And good job Thumbs for not reading this thread until now!
  24. I just saw that on tonight's Spelunky stream. It's so cute how they put it there as if there's nothing else to fill the space with. Maybe they can start a Kickstarter to get an IMAX webcam.
  25. I am dangerously backlogged on IT episodes, so I didn't know if that was common knowledge or not yet via the cast. But congrats Chris! One step closer to making 'Back Into Samuel L. Jackson's Arm' a reality.