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  1. Pen and Paper and Roll20.net Games

    The Sprawl is more about 80s cyberpunk. Like, Gibson specifically. Everything is derivative of Neuromancer, or derivative of something derivative of Neuromancer. Even the name "The Sprawl".
  2. Pen and Paper and Roll20.net Games

    I played The Quiet Year and it was a great time! Gita explains exactly why it was a good time better than I could. (The stupid looking "OK!" building was mine! Wow we are such wonderful artists.) I will say, however, that "Role Playing Game" may be somewhat of a misnomer for The Quiet Year, and what makes it a fun experience is very different from what makes a DnD-alike or a Powered by the Apocalypse game a fun experience. I don't want to say it isn't a "game" (of course it's a game) but I think of it more as a world-building exercise/conversation-enabler. It's great, though! I bought the PDF after playing it.
  3. Drink and Game pairings

    I think the real Rimworld drink is home brewed beer.
  4. ketchup on pizza

    Things that this thread has inspired me to try on Pizza: Tonkatsu sauce Chimichuri sauce Mustard-based BBQ sauce Hollandaise sauce Nuoc Cham and of course, Salad Cream. If for no other reason, morbid curiosity.
  5. Discussed: Hidden My Game By Mom?! EXCELLENT.
  6. Movie/TV recommendations

    I am seriously angry at myself that I hadn't seen Hackers (1995) until yesterday. I had no idea it was such a gaping hole in my media literacy, but it was. It really was. It's as if the creative team behind Disney Channel Movies were given a real budget and tasked with making a PG-13 cyberpunk film. That's a compliment.
  7. ketchup on pizza

    The post-oven animosity seems completely arbitrary to me. Fresh basil on a margarita pizza seems like an example with enough traditionalist clout that it would be hard to argue with. I think ketchup is gross in all contexts so for that reason alone I'm against ketchup on pizza. But there's no reason not to think of pizza as a medium for experimentation, like a sandwich, in which no ingredient is inherently sacrilegious.
  8. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    This is a banal (and certainly late to the conversation) observation, but Geralt is basically fantasy Batman. It's not a perfect analogy, but now that it's in my mind I can't stop seeing the parallels as I'm playing. I think it first occurred to me when I played a segment as Ciri, who looks like the distaff counterpart of her adoptive father and has a similar set of abilities, functioning somewhere in between a Dick Grayson and a Barbara Gordon.
  9. ketchup on pizza

    What, just plain pizza dough? Or are we making a hard distinction between toppings added pre-oven and post-oven? J mayo (I always thought Kewpie was made with apple cider vinegar not rice vinegar?) is definitely a pre-oven topping.
  10. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    Sounds like I have many hours of game before I have to make that decision regardless. I'm still at the point in my engagement with this game where I'm trying to decide if I want to buckle-up and really try to understand the combat system... or if I just wanna say "fuck it" and put it on easy. Really can't tell yet.
  11. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    So this weekend, instead of getting No Man's Sky or something else new and relevant, I finally bought The Witcher 3! I did not buy the bundle with the expansions, since there was no discount incentive. But now I know that this is a game that is good and that I like a lot, and if I can spend some dollars to make it even better I may. But is there a reason to buy the expansions now, or is it all post-vanilla game content? Buying epilogue content preemptively seems very silly.
  12. ketchup on pizza

    This looks gross (and probably IS gross, I've never had salad cream) but: mayonnaise on pizza is not as awful as it sounds. It's a common ingredient on delivery pizza in Japan. (Japanese mayo is a bit different though; I wouldn't put Hellman's on a pizza) (also it's added before cooking, not after)
  13. This thing gave me goosebumps but in the WORST possible way. I'm still shuddering.
  14. No Man's Sky

    It's looking like, baring some unexpected thing taking up my weekend, I will be getting this game when it comes out for PC and I am PUMPED. But I'm trying to keep my expectations in check because I keep thinking about this game in the context of other games that I like a lot but wish looked as pretty as No Man's Sky. Like Minecraft or Don't Starve, etc. The fact that base building is, apparently, an upcoming feature is exacerbating this problem. I'm sure base building will be cool, but the level of customization in my imagination right now is perhaps too lofty. Anyway, what's really important to me right now is that the game looks goddamn beautiful and I just want to be in it.
  15. Mouth Feel - The Summer Wizard Cocktail Jam

    Bumping this old thing because I finally got my hands on the ingredients for my A Refined Baby recipe, finalized below: A Refined Baby 1.5 oz neutral shochu (I imagine you can safely substitute vodka) 1 oz calpis concentrate 0.5oz creme de cassis Mix with ice in collins glass, top with soda water. I made mine in a pint glass because that's what I have: I recognize that this is an extremely simple drink made up of self-indulgent, relatively hard to acquire ingredients. But on the bright side, it turned out delicious! It tastes like a fancy foreign fruity yogurt candy concoction. So, definitely for sweet-toothed drinkers. But refined sweet-toothed drinkers.
  16. Took this screenshot at what I assumed to be the beginning of the end: It didn't turn out to be the definitive end, actually, but I don't know how I can proceed at this point. Three out of five of my colonists are in the hospital incapacitated, including all my growers/cooks/doctors. I don't have enough medicine left to treat all the wounds, burns, muscle parasites, severe flu AND asthma that I have to deal with, nor do I have a way to grow more medicine in the first place. I'm basically out of food. Oh, and the place is filthy! I may load this up later with fresh eyes but I think it's a slow death from here on out. That said, this was definitely the hardest setting I've played on (and with starting characters I don't consider ideal) and up until this exact point it didn't feel unmanageable. I feel like I'm so much better equipped for my next rimworld game.
  17. RIP in peace, colonists. ...I wonder how many of us named our colony some variation of the word "Baboo" because I know I did.
  18. Quadrilateral Cowboy: Dad Baud

    There's a "batch" command: if you enter batch [newcommandname] [chain of commands], you can then use newcommandname.bat to execute the saved chain of commands.
  19. Quadrilateral Cowboy: Dad Baud

    Here's a very minor nitpick: command line history persists between mission attempts, which I GREATLY appreciate, but batch files do not. The result of this is that I never use batch commands because it's so much more convenient to just queue up command chains in the history buffer. But yeah, I'm gonna say this on every post I make here: the game is amazing.
  20. Quadrilateral Cowboy: Dad Baud

    Loving this so far. Like an awful lot. I'm only on the second job though. Something about that level made me want to post here, the Idle Thumbs forum specifically... can't put my finger on it.
  21. Rimworld

    Got this and played a lot of it over the weekend. Haven't gotten super far, keep restarting. I haven't really met a true disaster, just big inconveniences that cause me to think "eh, I could rebuild it better anyway" and reroll. I made the mistake of starting one time with only one person capable of hauling. When my next recruit was ALSO incapable of hauling, I figured the colony was a lost cause. Anyway, the game is really good.
  22. Pokemon GO

    If there are still people unable to look past their own disappointment in this game to understand why it's so popular and affecting to so many, I suggest reading this. It's quick, and not too heavy.
  23. Other podcasts

    The algorithm is opaque, of course, but I think the idea behind it is to give new podcasts a chance to find an audience before they're buried. I don't think projected growth factors into it, and I definitely don't think any real people are involved.