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  1. The Mind-Tech Contingency

    Here's the page. You can find a direct link to the twine here. And a tumblr post with the full credits of all my stolen content here. This was fun! I've started a few twines in the past (mostly for Wizard Jams), but this is the first time I've seen something through to what I'd consider a complete state. In the spirit of jamming, the soundtrack (which will only play on PCs, not on mobile) was a pretty rough one-take kind of thing, but I like the way it came out. It takes a while to get to the part with the hot beats, so hopefully people don't play through the twine too fast to hear it!
  2. Photos of things

    If you want to stay in the free zone, maybe look into Darktable? I've never used it, but it just came to windows. Could be worth a peek!
  3. Holy shit, this story at the top. Chris! Good grief.
  4. Star Trek Bridge Crew, Goggles or No

    I've thought about getting it; I love Artemis. I don't have a current HMD, so I wonder if it's still fun without that. It's cool that they removed the requirement, but it seems like it could feel pretty slight without that part of the experience.
  5. Mouse Wrist Pain

  6. Women Directors

    This blog seems relevant:
  7. Episode 416: Dominions 5: Warriors of the Faith

    This is a dumb observation, but I love how this game handles wacky resolutions and stuff, which seems pretty unusual for an indie game like this. I can play it in 4K on my laptop (on low settings) and have super sharp text and stuff, but the UI is scaled to a reasonable size. Like, the UI size is independent of the resolution. Like I said, not that interesting, but I really appreciate it!
  8. WIZARD JAM 6 // Welcome Thread

    Sounds like a good idea. Thanks!
  9. GOTY of the Year

    Zelda Yakuza Kiwami Mario Honorable mentions: Ogre (A totally good electronic adaptation of a totally great wargame) Wipeout Omega Collection (it's basically 2 remasters, but they jammed so much good stuff in there) Assassin's Creed Origins (such mixed feelings about so many aspects of this game, but I played the hell out of it, so I must have liked it?) Also all the repackaged for the umpteenth times Neo Geo ports for the switch, which just feels like the perfect home for them, except for the lack of a good d-pad. Even the Pro Controller isn't up to scratch, in my opinion.
  10. WIZARD JAM 6 // Welcome Thread

    So good!
  11. WIZARD JAM 6 // Welcome Thread

    Well, here it is: The itch page is just a link to this other hosting. Itch does some weird stuff with embedding twines that jacks up the formatting real bad. If anyone gives it a go, let me know if it works. If you're playing on a computer, there should be music (which doesn't work on mobile), and the font should be futuristic. It's a modest outing, but I still feel accomplished for having actually finished one of these for once. I've started a ton of twines in the past, but I never saw them through.
  12. Important If True 41: A Very Happy Cow

    Check out this GLaDOS type shit: The conversation about "friendly" home robots reminded me of it. The brushless motor-driven camera gimbal-style body actually seems like a cool idea; you can confer a jaunty attitude to an otherwise alien-looking device with the right kind of motion.
  13. WIZARD JAM 6 // Welcome Thread

    I think I'm mostly done! It's a really straightforward Twine, so I'm not doing a dev log thread; talking about it at all would basically give away the whole gag. But I'm having a lot of fun. I made a soundtrack and everything. It's called The Mind-Tech Contingency.
  14. Maze War is one of the most fascinating computer games in history! It's a networked first-person shooter from 1974.
  15. Idle Thumbs 275: The Robot's Lips

    I just stumbled over this when looking through episode descriptions for Wizard Jam inspiration. It's one of the all-time greats.
  16. Painting tabletop miniatures

    I think it looks awesome! My City of Heroes character had the same color scheme. There's something gross in a good way about orange and purple, it really squeezes the ol' eyeballs. I like the way the highlights came out on his weird protuberances.
  17. Recently completed video games

    I was going to hold off on Yakuza 0 for a while, because I figured playing 2 of these games in a row would be a good way to burn out, but I didn't want to play anything else, so here I go.
  18. WIZARD JAM 6 // Welcome Thread

    I'm fuckin' doing it this time
  19. Recently completed video games

    Cool I’ll play it then!
  20. Important If True ?!: No Podcast This Week

    One of each. Thumbs has now appeared!
  21. Important If True ?!: No Podcast This Week

    Yeah, same here, I'm two episodes behind (critical ad-free feed).
  22. Recently completed video games

    I completed Yakuza Kiwami (remake of the first Yakuza) just now. I liked it a lot. For an openish world game with a lot of crap in it, it keeps a pretty tight pace. The main plot had enough momentum that I always wanted to see the next beat instead of getting sidetracked with all the optional content (although some of those side quests were very good). I aso like that the world is relatively small. It's very much not woke at all, which I gather is a theme for the series. There are some other issues, too, like the combat being pretty uninteresting. It's super easy most of the time, with difficulty spikes on bosses, but even those can be easily brute-forced with healing items. One of the best features is something called Majima Everywhere, where this one dude keeps ambushing you to keep your skills up, kind of like Cato Fong from the Pink Panther movies. His increasingly absurd plots to drag you into combat are amusing. I was surprised to find out that it was an addition for the remake and not part of the original game, because it fits in so well. I guess now I'll get Yakuza 0 and hope Kiwami 2 gets an English release.
  23. The R2D2 thing makes me think of Blobermouth, the redubbed version of The Blob (1958), wherein the titular blob has an animated mouth and spouts Henny Youngman-style one-liners continuously.