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  1. WTF is Telltale's new game?

    mmmk I quickly looked in this thread for max ides and seeing that it was mentioned once but not about this thank you very much telltale fellows Max ides is definitely one of my fav thumbisms or what ever one calls it.
  2. getting all emotional really gonna miss you guys again. def gonna keep them all on my computer forever. Good luck out there guys :>
  3. oh man I remember Rise of the Triad and how its bad 3d sprite engine used to make me physically ill. I normally don't do achievements (perhaps because I don't own any consoles?) unless they are directly tied to an unlock like in tf2.
  4. aww not again ;_; man i was so happy when thumbs came back it was looking like we might get to live happily ever after.
  5. Steve liking the games that have a realism over bullets in a clip reminds me of hl1 ww1 mod I played called The Trenches. This game was nuts for that kinda thing if you shot 6/10 bullets (bolt action enfield rifle) and reloaded, the animation would play of 4 bullets being loaded individually by hand but if you fired 5 or 10 rounds he used the charger clip.but if you shot 9 bullets instead of just dumping that one bullet you would load 4 bullets then place the clip in. So choosing when to reload had a massive effect on game play. Also this game was just generally nuts (amazing) as mouse1 was bound to fire and mouse2 worked the bolt on your rifle. Out of anyone I've talked to only 1 or 2 other people would enjoy sitting in the rain in a trench waiting for the other team to make a move or for someone to blow a whistle to go over the top. We need more ww1 games/mods but I think I'm in a minority for liking the time period. "Max pistol, Max shotgun, Max body-armor, Max Ides" Best Max Ides tv ad ever
  6. Went out for dinner with a friend visiting town, was kinda hoping there was gonna be more on max's dark past when I got home. The narrative we discussed at dinner was Ides secret pack with the old gods becoming a monster to save his friends lives but then betrayed by the evil pact makers and is forced to kill the very people he is trying to save.
  7. 9.8/10 this summers must buy! only thing holding it back from a 10/10 is a lack of custom costume dlc sure to be fixed by ea in a few months.
  8. Well that could work but the first chapter def needs to be named "Give unto Caesar" or have max say it at some point while flipping a coin at you or a statue of Julius. A friend and myself were toying with the idea that max is a very sad man under all the glory and guts and the one liners, its the immortals plight all his friends die and hes the one that gets them killed or has to kill them. sort of a bound by fate kind of character, this would encourage metal gear like cut scenes. (also max def would "wear his sunglasses at night") Is the right direction for max ides or should he just be a badass who will take you out on the first dong with no human like emotion.
  9. I would def buy The Ides of Darkness: Origins of Max; Blue Moon Rising looking forward to the prologue chapter in the game where we get to stab Caesar, or perhaps work it into a tutorial. This is how max moves, this is how max climbs the sides of buildings, this is how max steers the flow of human history.
  10. I donno I'm not an art expert or anything but i think Brutus is the guy who is looking away from Ceaser at his front, so max must be one of these other guys. Max has been a force since time immemorial. Every major event that has happened to fall by "coincidence" on the ides, if you dig around you will find Max Ides.
  11. Battlethumbs: Idle Company

    wasn't sure where to put this but i guess here is as good as any really got back into bc2 so much so in the last 2 weeks i finished the climb to 50. so now that I'm done my grind (not including all plats but whatever X_X) I'm finding my self just kinda having more "fun" with the game. I guess I mean not just playing to win or to grind out the next rank. So I found out that smoke grenades when shot up into the air will time out and just go off in the air. Creating your own clouds in this game is possible, so the first thing i did after learning about this was: 300 foot willy as seen from anywhere on the map
  12. Thompson have you seen the weeping angel episodes of Dr. Who? Don't even blink :|
  13. holy crap listening to the cast, Nick is like a space hitler :|